Work From Home Trend Increases Demand For Pest Control

With more people working from home and attending school on-line, the need for professional pest control is skyrocketing. Finding roaches, spiders, bed bugs and other rodents in the house is not always a reflection of poor housekeeping as much as active at-home lifestyles. More dishes, carryout food containers and work or school papers attracts pests. And, it’s nearly impossible for a busy family to keep up with the problem without a pest control service in place. 

Dealing with neighborhood infestations

Even if you keep your home spotless and never even eat at home, rats and mice don’t understand geographical boundaries or property lines. When a home is vacant because the owner is on vacation or the home is in foreclosure, the property could become a haven for wildlife and rodents. Or maybe your neighbors forget to secure the trash lids. A professional pest control company protects your home with proven strategies. When experts remove rodents, it also protects your car from major damage caused by rats and roaches. The best plan for protecting against neighboring pests is a home perimeter yard protection that identifies entry points.

Getting on a 60-Day Schedule

By the time you see one roach or one rat, the problem behind the scenes is much greater than imagined. Instead of scheduling service once every three months, get on a 60-day schedule to outsmart the pests that have a short infestation cycle. It’s difficult to focus on work or school projects when dealing with the annoyance of ants, the horror of roaches and rodents as well as the uncomfortable itching or pain caused by mosquitoes, bees and fleas.

For people who rent to short-term guests or roommates, unhealthy pests and rodents become a liability issue. Nothing ruins a rental business quicker than bedbug infestations. And, termites ruin your home’s value when it’s time to sell. Unfortunately, DIY pest control efforts don’t typically work. Plus, it’s important to document professional treatment in response to any homeowner association, neighbor or tenant complaints.

Home pest control preserves your home’s value and the health of people living and working in the home. While there are positive sides to more people in a household, the downside is pest infestations related to everyday eating and living.

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