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High And Low Pressure In Your Plumbing

Water pressure is an important part of ensuring the efficiency and functionality of your pipes. However, low water pressure can be frustrating when doing basic tasks throughout your home. Conversely, high water pressure can be uncomfortable and lead to issues throughout your plumbing system. If you are dealing with issues in your water pressure, it is important to call in a professional technician, like our team at MyHome.Pro, to troubleshoot and repair the problem.

Water pressure varies depending on the time of day, activities, and demand to use fixtures. If you notice a change in your water pressure during a high-demand time frame, this could be due to multiple fixtures in use simultaneously, which can result in seemingly lower water pressure. While high water pressure can be considered a good thing, excessive amounts can lead to pressure on your plumbing system and eventually put pressure on your plumbing system and can result in cracks or bursts.

If you think you might be experiencing water pressure issues, MyHome.Pro can inspect and analyze your water pressure in order to determine the cause. We can troubleshoot and perform tests to determine precisely what your water pressure is set at. Our professional technicians can offer informed and backed recommendations for every water pressure issue in your home to ensure that your home’s water flows efficiently and functionally throughout your home.

We know how unpleasant it can be as a homeowner to experience unbalanced water pressure in your home. Having a slow-moving shower or sink when you need water the most can lead to stress and frustration. MyHome.Pro offers comprehensive water pressure maintenance services that can identify the cause of your pressure variations and offer the best solutions within your budget to remedy the cause and allow you to experience balanced pressure in your home. Schedule Water Pressure Maintenance From The Pros!

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Signs Of Low Water Pressure

When To Call For Water Pressure Maintenance

Significant drops in your water pressure can be noticeable right away. Lower pressure in your water can affect your showers, dishwasher, and plumbing system. However, the change can sometimes be more subtle while still affecting your day-to-day. In addition, having a lower pressure in your water can manifest in other problems that need to be repaired. Here are some signs to help you know when it is time for water pressure maintenance:

While running two fixtures at the same time can decrease water pressure in your home, if you notice a significant drop in pressure while running multiple fixtures at the same time, it may be an issue that you need to address. For example, if you notice when you are showering with a faucet on or running multiple faucets at once that your water pressure decreases, a water pressure maintenance call might be necessary.

It can be frustrating when your appliances take longer to do their job. For example, if your washing machine isn’t filling as fast or your shower pressure has decreased, these can be signs that your appliances are being affected by a lower pressure of water in your home. This problem can be inconvenient and sometimes indicate a more significant issue, so it is important to call for maintenance for the correct pressure amount.

While low pressure can be localized to one water source or fixture, a common sign of low pressure in your plumbing system is when you notice that every fixture in your home has trouble with weak pressure. For example, noticing that one faucet has a low pressure at the same time as your shower or washing machine could indicate that you need water pressure maintenance.

You can confirm that the pressure of your water is low or high by checking your pressure gauge. If you find that your pressure is not between the standard range of 45 to 80 PSI, this may be a cause for concern. Inconsistent readings or changing PSI as you measure your water pressure could indicate separate issues that also need to be addressed. Receiving water pressure maintenance is important to maintain the comfort of your home.

Signs Of High Water Pressures

When Is Pressure Too High?

While high water pressure in your system can sometimes be seen as good, excessive pressure can build in your plumbing system and cause damage and issues to your pipes and fixtures. While there are factors that contribute to your pressure amounts, such as the age of your system, and preferences, the standard PSI for water pressure in your home should be somewhere between 45 to 60 PSI. If you aren’t sure what your pressure level is, here are some common signs that you may have high water pressure in your home:

Loud Pipes

Banging pipes occur when water flow changes direction rapidly in your pipes. When the water pressure is high, this causes a harsh noise when the water changes direction. If left unchecked, the joints in your pipes can loosen or leak and cause leaking pipes. If you hear banging or clanging from your plumbing after shutting off your water, it’s time to call for water pressure maintenance.

Leaking Pipes

Another common issue from excess water pressure can be leaking pipes. High pressure puts a lot of strain on your home’s plumbing system, which can lead to loosened joints and leaks in the pipes. If left unresolved, mold growth and other serious water damage can affect your home. Frustratingly, these leaks and loose joints can occur behind your walls and ceilings, so it’s crucial to call a professional plumber to locate and resolve the issue.

Increased Utility Bills

If you notice that your utility bills have suddenly increased or you are paying more for utilities than the average in your neighborhood, high water pressure could be the culprit. Using a faucet with a higher pressure can result in more water being forced out and, by extension, more water being used and wasted. Calling a professional to discuss the pressure of your water could save you money on your utility bills.

Damaged Appliances

Just as increased water pressure can affect your home’s fixtures, it can also affect your household appliances. For example, if your dishwasher or washing machine is unusually loud or leaking, or you notice excessive damage to your appliance, this could indicate excessive water pressure. In addition, excessive water pressure can cause you to replace your appliances prematurely. Some appliances even have void warranties for water damage issues, so it’s important to call a professional for water pressure maintenance.

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MyHome.Pro is your total home comfort company. We are the one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs. We offer water pressure maintenance, rooting services, hydro jetting, water leak detection, water heater repair and replacement, and water softener replacement and installation. Our professional team of certified technicians is highly skilled in delivering superior plumbing services for your home. You can trust us to complete your job efficiently and effectively without causing any additional stress.

MyHome.Pro was founded on the belief that homeownership shouldn’t be a hassle. So we set out to become the trusted go-to source for every aspect of your home care needs. In addition to plumbing services, we can take care of everything else in your home, whether it be HVAC services, appliance repair, pest control, or pool services. MyHome.Pro aims to make your home a resort through our outstanding customer service and dedication to completing your job correctly every time.

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MyHome.Pro offers complete home comfort service for all your water pressure maintenance and solutions. The pros at MyHome.Pro are here to ensure your balanced water pressure within your home. Whether you have high or low water pressure, MyHome.Pro will be there to ensure we can find you the best solution for your needs. Our team upholds our values of respect towards you and your home, provides you with dependable and knowledgeable assessments, and informed and research-based recommendations to ensure your home is well cared for.

We offer a membership to ensure that your home is always cared for, with access to annual maintenance, priority scheduling, access to discounts, and more. When you join the MyHome.Pro family, you get the most out of our total home comfort team. Our membership includes every department, including HVAC, plumbing, pest control, pool services, and appliance repair. If you want to learn more about our membership or services, a MyHome.Pro team member will happily answer your questions and schedule an appointment. We aim to make your home a resort through our dedication to customer service and outstanding workmanship every time.