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What Is Water Heater Installation And Replacement?

Eventually, even the best water heaters will require water heater replacement. Age, wear and tear, and other factors can break down your water heater over time. No one likes to be without hot water, so replacing your water heater is essential to the comfort and efficiency of your home. Choosing the right water heater to suit your needs depends on a variety of factors, including the square footage of your home and the size of your household. A professional company like MyHome.Pro can assist you with choosing the right water heater for your needs and providing quality water heater installation for your home.

A water heater replacement consists of many steps to provide you with a new water heater in your home, from delivering your new unit and hauling the old one away to a complete water heater installation service. This is why water heater replacement is best done by a professional company to ensure your new water heater is correctly installed. The longevity of your water heater depends on proper installation, usage, and maintenance, so it’s important that a professional company like MyHome.Pro installs your water heater to increase the efficiency of your unit. Whether you have a conventional tank, tankless, or hybrid unit, MyHome.Pro is here to ensure your water heater replacement is done correctly the first time.

Whether you are installing a water heater for the first time or replacing an older unit, MyHome.Pro is here to handle all of your water heater replacement and installation needs. Our experienced plumbers are licensed and certified to provide you with knowledgeable recommendations on the best water heater unit for your home. When you call MyHome.Pro for water heater installation, a technician will walk you through your water heater replacement, ensuring your total satisfaction every step of the way.

During a typical water heater replacement, our technicians can help you choose the correct water heater for your home, disconnect and remove your old unit, and set up your new unit. We will inspect and test the new unit to ensure everything works correctly before leaving. Our team will always clean up after the installation is complete, so you won’t have to worry about anything once we leave you with your new water heater. We are a locally owned and operated company, so we understand the water heater needs of Dallas, Texas, homeowners, and businesses. We proudly provide top-quality water heater replacement services throughout the DFW area. Schedule Water Heater Replacement With MyHome.Pro!

Broken water heater needing a replacement

When Is It Time For Water Heater Replacement

When Repairs Aren’t Enough

Water heater replacement should always be done by a professional to ensure the correct installation, care, and functionality. A traditional water heater should last you between 10-15 years. However, if you find yourself calling for constant water heater repair, it may be time to consider a total replacement. There are many signs to look for when it is time for a water heater replacement. Knowing these signs will allow you to schedule a replacement before your water heater breaks down completely. Here are the main signs to look for in your water heater:

Most gas and electric water heaters have a lifespan of around 10-15 years. Tankless water heaters can last you 20 years with proper maintenance and care. Even if your current water heater is running well, you may want to start thinking about water heater replacement if your water heater is close to the end of its lifespan. Doing so will prevent your water heater from breaking down completely and leaving your home without hot water.

The most obvious sign that you may want a water heater replacement is when you run out of hot water. As your water heater ages, it can lose the ability to efficiently heat and deliver hot water to fixtures in your home. This is true for every type of water heater, meaning that if you notice your home is not receiving hot water like usual, it may be time to inquire about a replacement to ensure you have efficient and constant hot water to use.

Over time, your water heater can collect sediment, which can cause cracking, popping, and other noises to occur as the sediment hardens. If this noise worsens over time, it may be time to consider replacing your water heater with a new one to prevent irritating noises and decreased unit efficiency. If you hear banging, rumbling, cracking, or popping noises in your water heater, call a professional like MyHome.Pro for the best recommendations on replacement. 

Leaks can appear in your unit as time progresses. Aging seals and joints stretch and contract with constant wear and tear. Valves can degrade as well. If you see leaks around the water heater, there may even be a slight fracture in the metal tank as it expands and contracts over time. This can become dangerous, as you could face a burst tank if these issues are not addressed. If you notice damage and leaks to your water heater unit, it is time to call for a water heater replacement.

If your water heater requires frequent repairs to maintain your hot water usage, it can be a clear indication that you need a replacement. Premature wear and tear in your water heater unit can be caused by a multitude of factors, including heavy household usage or lack of preventative maintenance. In these cases, replacing your entire water heater may be more cost-efficient than paying for costly repairs.

Benefits of Water Heater Replacement

Enjoying Your Hot Water

Hot water can be something we take for granted in our homes. But when our water heater stops working, it can be very noticeable and frustrating. Replacing your water heater, or upgrading it with a new model, can save you money and headaches in the long run. In addition to saving on repairs, there are many benefits to a water heater replacement from a professional plumber. Below are a few of the benefits you may experience from your new water heater:

Worry-Free Hot Water

Depending on the model, maintenance, and care, your new water heater could come with a lifespan of 10-15 years, meaning you won’t have to worry about installing a new one for another decade. So when you replace your water heater, you and your family are sure to have uninterrupted hot water for years to come. Speak with a MyHome.Pro technician to determine how long your water heater’s lifespan is and when you will need your next replacement.

More Efficient Technology

A new water heater will allow you and your family to consistently experience hot water without service or repair breaks. If you take quick showers to preserve heat or run low on hot water, replacing your water heater with a more efficient model could eliminate these issues. The increased efficiency of a more modern water heater means you don’t have to worry about another costly replacement for many years. Ensuring you keep up with maintenance and care for your new water heater, you can experience consistent hot water for the next decade.

Changing Family Needs

In addition to increased hot water, for those with changing family needs, a new water heater can be an excellent way to upgrade for you and your family. While we often wait for our water heater to reach the end of its lifespan before replacing it with a new one, another reason for water heater replacement is to accommodate an increase in household size, which can allow everyone to receive hot water when they need it. Speak with a professional at MyHome.Pro to determine which water heater model best suits your family’s needs.

Quieter Model

A major reason that homeowners opt for water heater replacement can be due to a noisy water heater. Sediment that hardens and builds up in your water heater system can lead to banging and cracking noises in your unit that can be unpleasant. Replacing your water heater can eliminate these sounds. In addition, some older models of water heaters produce more noise when functioning. Switching to a modern upgraded unit can allow your water heater to operate quietly and more efficiently.

Saving Money

A new water heater unit can save you money. The newer your unit is, the more energy-efficient it will likely be. This allows your water heater to run at a lower cost of energy than an older, less efficient model. In addition, if you pay for repairs constantly with your old water heater model, investing in a replacement can save you money on repairs. Upgrading your hot water system saves you energy, which means saving you more money.

MyHome.Pro Offers Comprehensive Plumbing Service

Total Home Comfort Company

MyHome.Pro is your total home comfort company. We are the one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs. We offer water heater installation and replacement, rooting services, hydro jetting, water pressure services, water leak detection and repair, and water softener replacement and installation. Our knowledgeable technicians are trained and certified to provide your home with the highest quality plumbing service. Our professional team knows how to do your job right the first time without stress.

MyHome.Pro was founded on the belief that homeownership shouldn’t be a hassle. So we set out to become the trusted go-to source for every aspect of your home care needs. In addition to plumbing services, we can take care of everything else in your home, whether it be HVAC services, appliance repair, pest control, or pool services. MyHome.Pro aims to make your home a resort through our outstanding customer service and dedication to completing your job correctly every time.

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Why Choose MyHome.Pro?

Tried And True Total Home Pros

All of our trained technicians are fully certified in their specialized services. When you call MyHome.Pro, you call a company that cares for your home as if you were family. Our employees and highly skilled team of experts embody our values in every task they undertake. Our top priority is respecting you, your home, and your time. Our assessments will always be reliable, ensuring that you know exactly what kind of work needs to be done. In addition, we will offer knowledgeable and research-backed guidance and recommendations every step of the way to provide you with peace of mind that a trusted company is handling your water heater replacement.

MyHome.Pro leads North Dallas home services by raising the standard of total home care. Our work is always reliable, dependable, and respectful. So when you are experiencing issues with the hot water heater in your home, you can count on MyHome.Pro as your full home specialist to complete the job correctly and make your home your resort.

We offer a membership to ensure that your home is always cared for. This includes access to annual maintenance, priority scheduling, discounts, and more. When you join the MyHome.Pro family, you get the most out of our total home comfort team. Our membership includes every department, including HVAC, plumbing, pest control, pool services, and appliance repair. If you want to learn more about our membership or services, a MyHome.Pro team member will happily answer your questions and schedule an appointment. We aim to make your home a resort through our dedication to customer service and outstanding workmanship every time.