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Ensuring that your water heater lasts you the length of its entire lifespan means receiving water heater repair when your water heater is struggling. While most water heaters can last you between 8 to 15 years, proper repairs ensure that your water heater does not prematurely break down when you need it the most. Ensuring that your water heater receives regular maintenance and correct repairs can keep your water heater delivering hot water to every corner of your home for years to come.

When your water heater breaks, delaying a repair isn’t an option. If your water heater is not delivering hot water, develops a leak, or has altogether stopped working, your best option is water heater repair from a professional company like MyHome.Pro. To ensure you get the most from your water heater’s lifespan, it’s essential to repair your water heater when you experience difficulty with it. Whether you have a clogged pilot light, sediment buildup, a faulty valve, or more, MyHome.Pro can provide professional water heater repair to ensure your home always has hot water.

MyHome.Pro specializes in providing reliable plumbing services to our customers. We understand how frustrating it can be when you don’t have hot water in your home. When you need prompt and efficient water heater repair service in Dallas, Texas, contact the MyHome.Pro team to complete your job correctly the first time. As a locally owned and operated company, MyHome.Pro understands the water heater needs of Texans while providing outstanding customer service to our clients. Our convenient location allows us to arrive promptly at your Dallas, Plano, or Carrollton home and provide you with quality water heater repair when you need it the most.

Our team of qualified and licensed plumbers will arrive at your doorstep during your appointment window, fully prepared to assist with whatever problem you have. All of our staff has undergone extensive training to ensure they can diagnose any water heater problem in your home. Our team is prepared to treat you and your home with complete respect. We will be mindful of your time and offer dependable, honest recommendations for every plumbing project you need to be done. We always offer research-backed, reliable assessments and guidance to ensure that you always know what your home needs to feel like a resort. Schedule Water Heater Repair With The Pros!

When Do You Need Water Heater Repair?

Know The Signs

When you lose hot water in your home, it can be frustrating. Water heater repair is important to prolong the life of your water heater and ensure the maximum efficiency of your system. Your hot water is essential for many tasks in your home, so knowing the signs that your water heater needs repair is crucial. Here are some signs that you may need water heater repair in Dallas, Texas:

If you find that you routinely run low on hot water, this may be a sign that you need water heater repair. Not having hot water can be frustrating, so when your household runs low on hot water, calling a professional repair company is essential to maintaining the comfort of your home. MyHome.Pro can help restore hot water to your home and ensure the comfort of you and your family once again.

The water that runs from your tap will always be clear, so if you are finding that the water coming out of your tap is brownish, rust-colored, or contains particles, it could be an issue with your water heater. The best way to tell is to contact a professional like MyHome.Pro to identify the source of the problem and offer the best solution. Changes in your water’s color can be a source of a health hazard, so it is essential to call for water heater service immediately.

When you experience low water pressure, completing many everyday chores in your home can be difficult. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing low water pressure in your home, but one of them could be a sign that your water heater is experiencing a problem. Calling a professional company to analyze your water system’s pressure and diagnose the issue will be the easiest way to determine if your water heater needs repair.

Noise from your water heater can be normal, but when you are experiencing sounds that more closely resemble bangs, cracks, or pops, it is a good sign that you may need water heater repair in your home. These sounds can have many causes, and it is best to have a professional water heater service technician diagnose the issue before you have to pay for an expensive water heater replacement.

An obvious sign that your water heater may be in need of repair is a water heater leak. Suppose you happen to see water pooling near your water heater unit. In that case, it is more than likely due to a leak within your system. It should be immediately addressed to prevent further issues. There are many reasons why your water heater may leak, including a broken pressure relief or heater drain valve, but the best way is to obtain a proper diagnosis from a professional plumbing technician like the ones at MyHome.Pro.

Types Of Water Heaters

Knowing What Kind Your Home Has

Knowing what type of water heater your home uses can help you look for signs that you need repair. There are many types of water heaters available for Dallas, Texas, homes, and which one you have or choose will depend on a variety of factors. Home size, usage, budget, and space available in your home. If you don’t know which water heater you have or which is best for your family, a professional at MyHome.Pro is happy to offer you recommendations and knowledge about your home’s water heating system. Below are some of the main types of water heaters and the differences between them:

Conventional Tank

Conventional water tank heaters are the most common choice of water heater in the United States. With the lowest upfront cost and simple maintenance, they can be a great choice for a traditional water heater. Usually stored in closets, basements, or garages, they do take up the most space in your home. These tanks can store heated water consistently, holding anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons at a time. A conventional tank will hold the water until you call for it in the form of a fixture, such as a sink or an appliance. Then, as you use your hot water, it gets replaced with cold water for the tank to heat. These tanks can vary between brands, models, and fuel sources, so it is essential to consider your home’s needs.


Tankless water heater systems have been increasing in popularity. Tankless water heaters work on demand, meaning they do not store hot water like a traditional tank water heater. In a tankless system, cold water passes through the heater and is instantly heated as it travels through the unit on the way to your plumbing fixtures. Since they do not store water, tankless water heaters do not require the same amount of space as a conventional tank water heater. They can offer greater energy efficiency, last longer than a traditional tank unit, and shorten wait times for hot water. However, they typically will have a large upfront cost to install when compared to a conventional tank unit.


Also known as a water pump heater, a hybrid water heater is another option for a water heater system in your home. A hybrid water heater combines the best aspects of conventional tank heaters with the benefits of an energy-efficient heat pump. These units heat cold water that passes through a series of pipes, traveling in multiple loops to heat the water faster. A hybrid tank allows the delivery of more hot water at a faster rate than a standard heater. When the hot water in the tank runs low, the hybrid water heater can begin heating more water with electricity. While hybrids can have a more expensive upfront cost, they have a longer lifespan and are more energy-efficient, which allows you to save more on your energy bills later on.

Water Heater Repair And More

Comprehensive Plumbing From MyHome.Pro

MyHome.Pro is your total home comfort company. We are the one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs. We offer water heater repair, water pressure troubleshooting and maintenance, rooting services, hydro jetting, water leak detection, water heater replacement, and water softener replacement and installation. Our professional team of certified technicians is highly skilled in delivering superior plumbing services for your home. You can trust us to complete your job efficiently and effectively without causing any additional stress.

The pros at MyHome.Pro are trained, licensed, and certified to handle all of your plumbing issues easily. We know plumbing issues can cause hazardous, uncomfortable problems in your home, so we are your one-stop shop for ensuring total home comfort for you and your family. We understand that no two plumbing issues are alike, so our dedicated teams of plumbers can make personalized recommendations based on your system’s needs and specifications. We work with you and your budget to finish your home project right the first time. Let MyHome.Pro be your total home care service company.

MyHome.Pro was founded on the belief that homeownership shouldn’t be a hassle. So we set out to become the trusted go-to source for every aspect of your home care needs. In addition to plumbing services, we can take care of everything else in your home, whether it be HVAC services, appliance repair, pest control, or pool services.

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MyHome.Pro offers complete home comfort service for all your water heater repair and plumbing services. The pros at MyHome.Pro are here to ensure that your water heater repair is done professionally and effectively. Whether you have low water pressure or are experiencing leaks, MyHome.Pro will be there to ensure we can find you the best solution for your water heater repair needs. Our team upholds our values of respect towards you and your home, provides you with dependable and knowledgeable assessments, and informed and research-based recommendations to ensure your home is well cared for.

We offer a membership to ensure that your home is always cared for, with access to annual maintenance, priority scheduling, access to discounts, and more. When you join the MyHome.Pro family, you get the most out of our total home comfort team. Our membership includes every department, including HVAC, plumbing, pest control, pool services, and appliance repair. If you want to learn more about our membership or services, a MyHome.Pro team member will happily answer your questions and schedule an appointment. We aim to make your home a resort through our dedication to customer service and outstanding workmanship every time.

MyHome.Pro leads North Dallas home services by raising the standard of total home care. Our work is always reliable, dependable, and respectful. So when you need water heater service or any other home service need, you can count on MyHome.Pro as your full home specialist to complete the job correctly and make your home your resort.