Top 4 Common Appliance Problems

Appliances never seem to break at a convenient time. That’s because, when it comes to the everyday tasks that these appliances perform for us, there is no good time to be without a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or even a garbage disposal. We spend large sums of money on these machines precisely because we’ll use them so much, and they’re intended to make our lives easier. Given that we do use them almost every day, it only makes sense that they’ll break down occasionally. When that happens, repairs may be less expensive than replacing the entire machine. Contact MyHome.Pro for expert evaluation and appliance repair for your kitchen, laundry room and outdoor kitchen appliances.

So, which appliances are most likely to break down? According to a survey by Sears, here are the top 4 appliances in your home that are most likely to break down:

  1. Washing Machines. These may be the hardest working appliances in our homes, but often receive the least attention. An un-level machine causes vibration and movement that can damage internal components. Overloading is another common problem, which not only means your clothes don’t get clean, but can also damage the machine itself. Front loading washers can generate bad odors if not kept clean. If you’re not sure why your machine has quit working optimally (or at all), contact a reliable home appliance repair service to diagnose the issue for you.
  2. Refrigerators. Of course, it’s our largest machines that break most often. A warm refrigerator or one that won’t hold temperature is useless. Inefficient refrigeration spoils food quickly. It may be that the coils just need to be cleaned, but if you don’t see an almost immediate improvement, contact a professional.
  3. Dryers. For number 3, we return to the laundry room. Here again, making sure the machine is level will help immensely, as will keeping the lint screen clean after each load. If you haven’t been diligent about these things, though, and you encounter a loud or inefficient dryer, reach out to MyHome.Pro.
  4. Microwaves. The go-to appliance for popcorn and quick meals, you expect your microwave to just work when you punch the buttons. When it doesn’t (and you’ve verified that it’s plugged in and the breaker hasn’t tripped), get back to zapping your food with a call to MyHome.Pro.

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MyHome.Pro hires qualified appliance repair technicians and guarantees work and labor. We provide honest, up-front pricing and offer flexible appointments to accommodate your schedule. MyHome.Pro is a member of the BBB and an Angie’s List 2020 Super Service Award Winner.

Managing your home with a broken appliance is like having one hand tied behind your back – everything is harder and more time consuming. While there is no good time for an appliance to quit working, MyHome.Pro can get your home running smoothly again. Request service online today, or call us at (972) 474-8684.

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