Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself From Backyard Mosquitoes

Rain & Warmer Weather Mean Mosquito Time!



We’ve already had a lot of rain in North Texas and more is coming!  While we anticipate the heat of summer the forecast is for a more rainy days. While we may not like all this wet weather, it positions the Mosquitoes to to thrive all summer long!

Wet weather conditions give mosquitoes great opportunities to find standing water to lay their eggs on, especially if puddles have been left alone for baby mosquitoes to hatch in. Frequent rain can wash out the eggs that have been laid, but mosquitoes are smarter than we give them credit for. All a female mosquito needs is an inch of water to lay batches of 100 to 200 eggs. Once she has laid her eggs, they hatch into larvae within 24 to 48 hours.

When warm weather follows the rain, mosquitoes are able to proliferate even more rapidly. Although there’s nothing we can do about the rainfall, there are some preventative measures that you can take to prevent your yard from being overrun by mosquitoes this spring:

Warm weather also means a greater chance of infection. Research has shown that for mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus, the virus can be amplified in warmer weather. Same goes for Zika mosquitoes; the warmer it gets, the more efficiently they transmit the virus.


Considering how common it is for mosquito populations to increase after a storm, it’s important that water isn’t left to stagnate. Homeowners should properly manage any sources of standing water outside your home and be mindful of these pests if you live near a body of water. Take these steps in your neighborhood to reduce mosquito populations:

  1. Remove plastic containers, ceramic pots, buckets or any object that could collect standing water.
  2. Drill holes in the bottom of recycling or trash containers left outdoors.
  3. Have roof gutters cleaned annually, particularly if leaves have a tendency to clog the drains.
  4. Turn over plastic wading pools and wheelbarrows when not in use.
  5. Do not let water stagnate in bird baths.
  6. Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with fish.
  7. Clean and chlorinate swimming pools and remove standing water from pool covers.
  8. Use landscaping to eliminate standing water that collects on your property.
  9. Treat standing water that cannot be eliminated with a product containing BTI – a natural bacterium that kills mosquito larvae but is safe for people, pets, aquatic life and plants.

You should also keep your landscape maintained. Mosquitoes like to find shaded areas to rest during midday and at night, so trimming your trees, shrubs, and bushes will reduce the number of hiding places that they can find in your yard.


Of course the ultimate protection is a MYHOME.PRO MOSQUITO SHIELD FULL TREATMENT!  This backyard anti-mosquito approach will stop mosquitoes in their tracks — and keep them away for up to 30 days between treatments!  Using a power sprayer/mister our technician will treat vertical and inverted surfaces of dense vegetation up to a height of 6 ft. We also treat the perimeter up to 50 ft away from your home.  Then we focus on and treat those sites within 10 ft of any experienced “bite zone” and up to 3 ft from ground level focusing around doors and windows, common places where mosquitoes rest after a blood meal as they prepare to lay eggs.  We can also disburse granular larvicide in areas where moisture collects and mosquitoes lay eggs!

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