Tips on Backwashing Your Pool

Ever wonder why your pool isn’t as clear as it used to be or the pressure is low? Typically your filter is dirty. The quickest way to increase pressure and clear up your pool is to backwash your filter. D.E. filters as well as sand filters need to be backwashed periodically for proper filtration. 

D.E. filters, you should backwash when the pressure gauge reads 6-10 lbs. above normal.

Sand filters should be backwashed when the pressure reads 10-15 lbs. above normal.

First, turn off power to the pump, and then set your valve selector to backwash. Turn power back on and run for several minutes (some pools have a sight glass so that you can see when the water flowing becomes clear, indicating that backwash cycle is complete). Next, turn power off and set valve selector back to filter position, and then turn the power back on. This completes a backwash cycle. We recommend that you repeat this cycle several times. With sand filters, this completes the process. For D.E. filters, the final step is to now add D.E. (diatomaceous earth) powder to the closest skimmer to the filter. Your filter will have an information label showing its’ size. Follow the guidelines on the D.E. powder bag for the amount of powder to add for your filter size.

Cartridge filters do not require backwashing, but do require periodic cleaning of the internal filter cartridge inside of the housing (monthly in the summer). With power off, release air pressure by opening the air release valve (next to the pressure gauge), then open the bottom drain of the filter to drain the water out of the filter. Next, take apart and open the filter housing and remove, then spray down the filter cartridges with a garden hose until clean. Then, replace the cartridges and reassemble the housing. Finally, close the drain valve, and turn the power back on (with air release valve still open). When water starts to spray out of air release valve, close the valve.

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