Tips for Cleaning Your D.E. Filter

If you want a sparkling clear pool, you need to clean your D.E. Filter.

D.E. filters, you should backwash when the pressure gauge reads 6-10 lbs. above normal.

Sand filters should be backwashed when the pressure reads 10-15 lbs. above normal.

D.E. (diatomaceous earth) pool filters do an amazing job of filtering your pool water so that your pool looks great, but only if they are clean. Inside of your filter are grids which capture small particles yet allow water to pass thru. As these grids get dirty, water flow is restricted and filtering action decreases. Also, if a grid has even a small tear in it, debris and D.E. powder will pass thru and end up in your pool. Individual grids can be replaced when cleaning. Backwashing flushes the grids and is critical, but taking apart the filter and doing a thorough cleaning is equally important. This should be done every 6-12 months.

Basic instructions for cleaning your D.E. filter (see owner’s manual for more detail):

Turn off the power to the pump (and make sure timer does not turn power on during cleaning), set system valves to prevent water flow to filter, open valve at top of filter to equalize pressure (and open drain valve at bottom of filter), remove metal band around center of filter and lift top off of filter (don’t lift by pressure gauge), next rinse grids of large debris while still inside filter, then remove grid assembly from interior of filter, preferably disassemble and clean individual grids (spray grids with garden hose) and inspect grids for tears.

Replace any torn grids. Then reassemble grids and filter housing.

Clean O-ring between bottom and top of filter and lubricate O-ring with pool lubricant (not petroleum based) before putting top of filter back in place and completing reassembly. Remember to replace drain plug, and set valves to normal position when finished.

Finally, after restarting equipment immediately add D.E. powder.

Links to popular D.E. filter owner’s manuals online:

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