The Top 5 Most Common North Texas Spring Pests

With spring coming soon, and then Summer around the corner, gyrations in temperatures and warmer weather means more rain, plant growth, and PESTS! While we will be soon enjoying the spring, so are the pests, which is why pest controls are more important now than ever! 

In fact, our pests are jumping (or flying) for joy!  As the temperatures warm up, many pests, such as ants, mosquitos, termites, spiders and rats will come out of hibernation and become a nuisance. 

Now is the perfect time to make sure your home is pest-free for our warmer Texas months.



When the sun comes out, carpenter ants seek food and shelter. These pests can cause structural damage to your home because carpenter ants make colonies in walls. Carpenter ants will travel far away from their nests to find food. If you do have an infestation, you may notice rustling sounds inside the woodwork or within the walls. You may also notice piles of wood shavings underneath wooden items.


  • Piping
  • Foundation
  • Cracks in your home
  • Attic Vents
  • Telephone Lines
  • Electrical Wires


Mosquito bites can be quite irritating and very itchy. However, it is not just the itch you need to worry about; mosquito-derived diseases can make you, your family, and even your pets extremely sick. Spring is the time to start combating mosquitoes and reclaim your yard! Depending on seasonal temperatures, mosquito activity can last into October. 

IN ORDER TO HELP PREVENT MOSQUITOES, consider these actions:

  • Remove all sources of standing water
  • Trim shrubs and keep lawn mowed
  • Clear away yard debris


Termites are wood-eating insects that are known for their BIG appetites. The beginning of spring and after a rain is usually when termites swarm. However, not all termites swarm at the same time. In addition, termites can cause a lot of costly damage in a short amount of time. Oftentimes, these destructive creatures find a choice meal in the form of your beloved home or business. 


  • Termite mounds
  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Bits of debris
  • Sagging of floors or ceilings
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls
  • Crumbling wood of any structure type
  • Cracked or distorted paint on wood surfaces
  • Groups of winged insects (“swarmers”) or discarded wings


Though rats are active year-round, their spring breeding is from April to June, and again in October and November. Rats can be a serious problem for both homeowners and business owners. Not only are they off-putting and disturbing animals to have crawling around your home or business, but they can also harbor and transmit a number of serious diseases.Rat Control Tips:

  • Check around the outside of your house for holes or gaps the size of a quarter or larger.
  • Install metal weather stripping under doors to remove gaps.
  • Keep garbage cans covered at all times.


Spring is a spider’s favorite time of year. Although the majority of our spiders are harmless, some are extremely poisonous and their bites can even be fatal. Spiders often like the cold, dark environments of basements and air vents, and will enter your home in search of prey. They often get into homes through poorly sealed windows and doors, or in boxes or other carry in containers.Spider Control Tips:

  • Seal cracks and crevices around the outside of your home, especially areas where utility pipes enter the home.
  • Eradicate all moisture sites, including clogged drains and leaking pipes.
  • Store food in airtight containers and dispose of trash on a regular basis in sealed receptacles. 

These tips above will help you pest-proof your home for spring, but if you do have unwanted critters in your home, be sure to contact a spring pest control professional to remove them. If you suspect a pest infestation in your home this spring, contact MyHome.Pro for a FREE PEST INSPECTION inspect, identify, and treat your pest problem.Our job is to keep spring pests out. During the inspection, our professional technicians will examine both your yard and your home to uniquely assess your individual needs. We will identify entry points, make recommendations to seal certain areas, and may treat certain areas. There is not a one-size-fits-all guide to pest control. No home or pest is the same, therefore, we find the right solution for YOU to remain pest-free this spring.

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