Spring Is Here!

Top 20 Things to Do to Prepare Your Home!


Spring is when we should give our homes a COMPLETE REVIEW, assess damage from the winter months, and get our homes ready for the challenges of spring and summer!  Below is our “Top 10” for inside the home and “Top 10” for outside giving you a TOP TWENTY LIST!

First, a little love and care inside the home with these powerful “Top 10” Checklist items:

  1. Check your fire extinguishers for their expiration date — and replace if they are expired!
  2. Last Sunday was national “Replace your Batteries” day, so if you missed it, now is the time to install new batteries in smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors — and don’t forget batteries in clocks, remote controls and beyond!  Test & dust all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  3. Prepare your HVAC system NOW for Summer! Have MyHome.Pro come get your HVAC ready with a SPRING HVAC TUNE-UP!  This will PAY for its many times over with energy savings and extending your system’s life.
  4. Replace your HVAC air filter — or BETTER YET, let MyHome.Pro do it for you for FREE!  Schedule with a Spring Tune-Up and pay only for the filter!
  5. Adjust your thermostat to take advantage of the warmer weather. If you have a smart thermostat, let it manage your home to better energy savings.
  6. Are your outdoor lighting systems timers properly set? Make sure they turn on and off at the right time for you.
  7. Making sure bathroom and kitchen ventilation fans are working which is important for your home’s air quality — particularly important in newer “airtight” homes.
  8. In the Kitchen, clean your kitchen exhaust hood and filter. You’ll also want to vacuum your refrigerator coils and perform a dishwasher maintenance! Call MyHome.Pro for a COMPLETE APPLIANCE MAINTENANCE service, and we’ll get all your appliances in tip-top shape!
  9. Check your water heater for leaks—schedule inspection if older than 5 years. You might want to call your plumber for an annual “flush” of your system.
  10. 10.In the laundry room, let MyHome.Pro conduct a COMPLETE appliance maintenance service as we clean your dryer inside and out of lint (recommended at least annually), perform an annual washer maintenance and check your washer pump filter, and call MyHome.Pro to clean your dryer exhaust.

The outside of your home is ALSO in need of your attention with this Outside Top 10:

  1. Clean gutters, check for leaks & make sure they’re attached securely and check for signs of damage. Spring rains will bring new problems so now’s the time to get ready!
  2. Got a pool?  Have MyHome.Pro come out and do a complete pool systems review.  We can also run your pool heater through a complete inspection to make sure it is ready to be there when you need it.
  3. Now is a GREAT time to clean your pool’s filter!  That needs to be done at least twice a year — Let MyHome.Pro take care of this for you!
  4. Check your foundation for cracks & leaks, and check your paint, masonry and caulking – now is the time to get ahead of problems before they become disasters!
  5. Check your trees for roof over-hang and other coverage challenges and bring in a professional if you need some heavy trimming.
  6. Check your roof for any damage and take pictures along the way — if there is another hailstorm later this year, would be good to have your roof’s condition documented.
  7. Mosquitos a problem?  Its a good idea to get out ahead of those pesky mosquitos!  Make sure you have no uncovered or stagnant water!  The best thing you can do is call MyHome.Pro and we can perform a complete backyard mosquito!
  8. Remove storm windows & install screens or repair/replace any damaged window screens.  You’ll also want to check the caulk around all your windows.
  9. The bugs will be out! Call MyHome.Pro to do a complete PEST INSPECTION and look for any intrusion points that will allow them to get in!
  10. 10.Termites?  Never too early to begin looking for damage.  Have a MyHome.Pro come out and inspect your home and yard for any risks!

This is a STARTER list but will get you going on the proper care and attention your home needs!

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