Simple Tips For Oven, Stove, And Range Repair

Your kitchen is where you create magic and enjoy a fine meal. However, sometimes the oven or stove may take all that away. Buying all new appliances is not an option when you do not have them on your budget. Repairs to kitchen appliances are never simple. It is time-consuming, and few are willing to struggle through manuals and online tutorials. However, some minor issues are easy to fix on your own. Here are a few tips for oven, stove, and range repair. 

Clean the Burner

Sometimes you can save that call by cleaning your stove burner. If the burner assembly has dirt and grease, it may get clogged. You can take the top part of the burner apart. Use your manual to guide you on what to do when removing parts and assembling them again. It may take a minute to clean the burner and get it back together. Once clean, the gas will ignite. Use a tube brush to get inside the burner.

Check your Range and Oven

If your oven does not heat, there could be a few reasons why. First, check the plugs since it could be a problem sometimes. At other times, the circuit breaker will trip when there are power issues. Once you are sure that the plug is working, try other options.

Using your manual, check the ignition fuse for the oven. Once you locate it, check whether it is functional. If there is an issue, you will see the signs. When a fuse burns, there are marks and black smoke residue.

The pilot could also have an issue. If you have no idea how to locate it, follow the manual. You can take it out, clean it and light it. The components of the range may not work if there’s an issue with them. Check the fuse, circuit breaker, or connections for your range.

If any of the above is too difficult for you, call a repair specialist. MyHome.Pro handles appliance repair problems among other services. We can help. It is easier and safer when someone with experience handles the repairs. Contact us today for repairs to all your appliances.

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