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Reliable, long-lasting refrigerator installation and repair services are just a call away for homeowners in Dallas, Plano, or Carrollton because as the leading appliance specialists in North Texas, MyHome.Pro is here to help. You can rely on our thorough, meticulous, and efficient work. We pride ourselves on continuously breaking the quality standards in refrigeration. However, our commitment to customer care and authentic service is what sets us apart in the minds of North Dallas homeowners.

MyHome.Pro offers appliance repair services, including refrigerator installation and repairs. Our technicians are certified, licensed, and insured to work on every brand and type of refrigerator. From built-in and mini-fridges to side-by-side and bottom-freezer fridges, the MyHome.Pro experts have the skills and ability to solve any problem quickly and efficiently. You can trust that we will provide an honest assessment of the damage and what it will take to fix it so that the solution is long-lasting and not likely to return.

At MyHome.Pro, we commit to honesty, integrity, and reliability. We dedicate ourselves to transparent and dependable services, advice, and recommendations. Our top-level goal is to ensure you fully understand the issue, its source, our resolution, and how to avoid it going forward. If we cannot fix it, we’ll help you replace it; from choosing the right product to its flawless installation, our team ensures your refrigerator repairs go off without a hitch. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with our customers on repairs so that you can rest assured we understand your concerns fully.

We always work earnestly and carry every job to completion. If you are having refrigeration issues in Dallas, Plano, or Carrollton, give us a call– we want to redefine your definition of home comfort.

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Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Catch Refrigerator Repair Problems Before it’s Too Late

Having a functional refrigerator is essential for any home. It’s an indispensable part of daily life– keeping your food fresh and providing quick, healthy meals for your family. However, if you’re having refrigeration issues– whether unusual noises and trouble cooling or cracks in the shell and leaking– don’t wait until the problem escalates to get help. Some of the most common reasons to cause refrigerator repair problems include a locked fan motor, dirty condensing coils, or fan motor failure. If your fridge is no longer cooling in the way it is supposed to, check the following components to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Power Source – Ensure it did not accidentally come unplugged and that there is no apparent damage to the wiring or connection.
  • Door gasket – The seal strip keeps the door closed and cool air inside, but as it ages, it experiences wear-n-tear. As damage accumulates, it will have a difficult time keeping the air inside and maintaining the proper temperature.
  • Thermostat – Like the power source, thermostat settings can be altered accidentally, so it is wise to check that everything looks right before calling for repairs.
  • Air Vents – When food items block the vent, your refrigerator cannot circulate cool air properly. This blockage can cause excess wear-and-tear on the unit and prevent it from keeping a consistent temperature.

Our team of refrigerator installation specialists leads the industry in quality of work and customer service. Our Pros are highly trained and experienced. We ensure that they have all of the necessary tools and resources to stay current on appliance repair methods and provide 100% satisfaction and guaranteed service.

If you are looking for refrigeration specialists in the North Dallas area, you’ve come to the right place. Home comfort is our specialty; we are ready to help you restore it. So connect with us today to get started with a consultation, or come with every question imaginable. A friendly and knowledgeable expert is waiting to assist you with your inquiry.

Refrigerator Installation vs. Refrigerator Repairs

6 Signs Pointing to Problems On the Horizon & How to Handle Them

Understanding the difference between a need for appliance repairs as opposed to appliance replacement is an essential skill for any homeowner, especially when considering the refrigerator. As the source of fresh food in our homes, you never want to let your fridge wear out entirely unless you want a big and expensive mess on your hands. Still, the question remains, how do I know when my refrigerator is about to fail? Here are six signs that indicate fridge repairs are in your future.

When food spoils in your fridge before its expiration date, it usually means that it is not staying cold enough. This problem can have several origins ranging from the appliance’s age to specific issues with something like the motor. The root cause determines your course of action. Still, a repair specialist with in-depth knowledge of appliance operation will save you hundreds on unnecessary repairs trying to locate the issue.

Condensation on the outside of your fridge means that warm air is interacting with cool air on the outside of the shell as it escapes the ice box. Usually caused by a problem with the gasket, this issue is repairable; however, replacing the entire unit will likely be less expensive if the cause is a crack in the shell.

Excess frost builds up when warm air meets the cool air inside of the freezer. To keep up with demand, it must blow out freezing air continuously, which causes excess ice to build up. As this problem progresses, ice will occasionally build up in the refrigerator as the freezer pushes more frozen air into the ice box.

An unusual level of noise coming from your fridge can indicate issues with the motor, whether our unit is too loud or too quiet. Systems that are too loud indicate the motor is working overtime. It shouldn’t have to operate continuously at maximum capacity to keep your icebox cool. If it continues operating at that level, a breakdown is imminent. On the other hand, an unusually quiet motor means that it is not working hard enough. Refrigerator installation will depend on how quickly you address the issue and the age of your appliance.

Periodically checking the temperature of your coils is a wise preventative maintenance tip that goes a long way in cluing you in to how efficiently your refrigerator is running. The coils should be warm, but not excessively, and not all of the time. Consistently hot coils indicate that your appliance is overworked and could fail soon.

Cracks and holes are significant issues when it comes to refrigeration. Often, the cost of repair is more than a brand-new appliance.

Realizing you have a problem is one thing, but knowing whether you need a repair or replacement can sometimes feel like taking a shot in the dark without any guidance. A good rule of thumb is that if your appliance is under seven years old, it is fiscally responsible to replace it once your expenses exceed 50% of what it would cost to replace it. That percentage goes down as the age increases. For example, refrigerators over ten years old only need to equal 10% of the replacement cost.

Having a trusted appliance repair company at your side is also helpful. When you’re with MyHome.Pro, you are not alone in your refrigeration struggles– we have your back every step of the way!

Refrigerator Installation Maintenance Tips to Save Money

Prevent Refrigerator Repairs and Increase Appliance Life Expectancy

At MyHome.Pro Comfort Specialists, we know that timely maintenance is the key to maintaining an efficient refrigerator. Regularly scheduled and preventative maintenance ensures that every component of your refrigerator works together harmoniously, but more importantly to your wallet, efficiently. Any fridge should have a life expectancy of at least ten years. Still, that number varies based on the quality of life. The simple fact is that adequately maintained systems last longer, are less likely to need repairs or early retirement and save you money on energy waste.

To fully maintain your ice box, there are several maintenance tasks you can perform in between professional visits so that everything stays efficient. The most significant duties include:

  • Inspect the Door Seals – Your fridge has one job: keep food fresh. It cannot do that if it has a bad seal, and if it can’t keep food fresh, what’s the point? Clean them and remove food residue with a baking soda and water combination twice a year.
  • Keep the Coils Clean – Be sure to clean off dirt and debris from the coils twice a year so that they will operate efficiently and avoid breakdowns.
  • Maintain the Correct Temperature – The temperature of your ice box should range between 37 and 40 degrees F. At the same time, the freezer should always stay at 0.
  • Keep it Full – Thermal mass, or lots of stuff, help refrigerators maintain low temperatures while using less energy. Keeping things inside ensures your appliance never works too hard, even if you are not a cook.
  • Prepare for Unexpected Power Outages – Food waste is the worst part of breakdowns and power outages. Have a plan for these situations so that your food stays fresh. Above all else, keep the doors closed. A properly sealed refrigerator will keep food safe for 4 hours, while the freezer can maintain its internal temperature for up to 48 hours.

It won’t take you long to realize that maintenance is a game changer and that services from MyHome.Pro lead the North Texas home comfort industry for a good reason. You can also make this process easier with a comprehensive and unified home comfort support plan. Our Elite Membership gives you access to all of our most essential services for a low cost– so what are you waiting for? Refrigeration installation has never been this easy!

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Refrigeration is second to none in today’s age. Without it, you would have to work much harder to eat and store food. A refrigerator’s purpose makes repair issues a big problem and something you want to be handled quickly and effectively. Having services you can trust provides peace of mind that your home appliances will continue operating without fail for many years.

As the leading home comfort specialists in North Dallas, helping you achieve tranquility at home is our purpose, and we will stop at nothing to earn your satisfaction. Noticing signs of refrigerator malfunction can spark a lot of questions about refrigerator installation and repairs. Luckily, a friendly and knowledgeable technician is waiting to take your call. So don’t wait– connect with us today and turn your home into your own personal resort!