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The Exclusive Liquid Sparkle Pool Service

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Making Your Home And Your Pool A Resort

Your swimming pool should be a summer oasis for you and your family, but pool maintenance can get in the way of your relaxation. MyHome.Pro knows your home should be your resort. Our pool maintenance staff is trained to help you maintain and operate your pool. For over four decades, MyHome.Pro and the Sparkle Pool service team have been servicing Dallas area pools and delivering reliable service for countless families.

Your pool is an investment in relaxation, so let us maintain and operate it while you enjoy your summers swimming with your family. We conduct year-round maintenance, and our professionals are trained in water chemistry, proper operation of equipment, and general pool upkeep in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Carrollton, and beyond.

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What Is A Liquid Sparkle Pool?

MyHome.Pro’s Exclusive Pool Treatment

MyHome.Pro offers the exclusive Liquid Sparkle™ treatment to our customers. This is a specially formulated liquid treatment that differs from traditional chemical tablets and granular alternatives. Our certified and experienced pool cleaning technicians achieve this chemically balanced alternative through attentive monitoring and care to find the best chemical treatment for our clients’ pools. Not only does this allow you to see that liquid sparkle difference in your pool, but it is also better for the environment.

What Are The Liquid Sparkle Benefits?

Our specially formulated chemical pool solution is an excellent alternative to traditional pool maintenance chemical solutions. With our solution, you will see a difference in the cleanliness and safety of your pool. While being an eco-friendly alternative, there are many more benefits to our exclusive chemical solution:

Since you don’t have to wait for solid chemicals to dissolve into your pool, you can use your pool sooner after the pool is serviced. This allows no breaks in the fun this summer, so you can be sure pool maintenance won’t interrupt your schedule.

Liquid Sparkle is non-scaling, which means there will be no pesky residue from chemical solutions left over in your pool. Instead, this naturally occurring element leaves behind only salt and water.

Since our trained technicians bring everything they need with them to each visit, you won’t have to worry anymore about storing caustic pool chemicals in your home. Liquid Sparkle is similar to the same treatment used by drinking water facilities, ensuring it is safe for the whole family.

Using Liquid Sparkle eliminates the calcium build-up and scale at your pool’s waterline, tile, and pool bottom caused by the popular powdered tabular chlorines and solid chemical additives. This eliminates tough clean-up from your pool service routine.

With harsh chemicals wearing on your pool’s plaster, you may notice erosion and even aggregate coming out of the plaster, which can weaken your pool’s surface. However, without these harsh chemicals, your pool’s surface can last much longer.

Solid chemical pool pucks may eventually force you to drain and refill your pool with fresh water. This is due to the chemicals like cyanuric acid, which can build up to high levels until your only solution is to drain and refill your pool. This can be avoided with the Liquid Sparkle treatment.

Our Pool Maintenance Plans

Full-Service Pool Maintenance From MyHome.Pro

MyHome.Pro wants to make maintaining your pool as your backyard oasis easy. Your home should be your resort, so we make it simple for you to upkeep your pool. You simply maintain the correct water level and allow the pool equipment to operate as scheduled, and we provide service each week to handle the rest. Whether you’re looking for our full-service pool maintenance plans or just need a weekly chemical treatment with our exclusive liquid sparkle service, we have plenty of treatment plans to choose from. We provide the following pool maintenance options:

  • The Sparkle White Glove Service
  • Exclusive Liquid Sparkle Chemical-Only Treatment
  • The Sparkle Service & Your Polaris
  • Sparkle’s Polaris Service You

The frequency of pool maintenance will be unique to each homeowner. In general, homeowners should aim to have weekly or monthly pool cleaning services depending on how quickly their pool gets dirty. Swimming pools require regular maintenance to ensure the water is chemically balanced and clean. These tasks involved in maintaining pools can be time-consuming and need to be done correctly. Nevertheless, regular maintenance on your Dallas pool will help you live in a cleaner environment and keep you and your family safe.

Full-Service Or Chemical Only Options

The Exclusive Liquid Sparkle Service Plans

We recognize that some of our customers only need a weekly chemical treatment. Therefore, our exclusive liquid sparkle chemical-only option lets our customers enjoy weekly visits for chemical treatments to their pools. This comes as a yearly or month-to-month option. With our highly trained pool technicians, we feel confident that this service will fully satisfy you and your family to keep your pool clean and safe. Here are just a few things this service provides:

Weekly Inspection

With this plan, our technicians will test your pool water and provide the exclusive liquid sparkle pool chemicals as needed to keep your pool in perfect running condition.


Seasonal solid chemicals and recommendations will be made for other treatments by our trained pool maintenance experts should the need arise.

Maintenance Report

When completed, our technicians will send you an electronic copy of your Weekly Maintenance Report, entailing all services provided, chemical readings, treatments, and any problems detected.

Guaranteed Visits

We guarantee 48 visits annually, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas, to visit, test, and treat your pool. So you always have a reliable pool service on your side.

Liquid Sparkle Exclusive

While this service does not include the costs of applications of phosphates, algaecides, salt, or other specialty cleaners or chemicals, you get access to our exclusive liquid sparkle chemical treatment perfected for your pool.

The Benefits Of A Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan

Servicing Your Pool When You Need It

Summers in Dallas can quickly get hot. Having a pool to retreat to during those warm summer days is a luxury you and your family should enjoy. Maintaining your pool, however, can be time-consuming and confusing. Leaving your pool maintenance to professionals will allow you to focus your time on the things that matter. That way, it will be ready whenever you want to relax in your pool. If you are doing your own pool maintenance but find yourself overwhelmed, here are just a few reasons why pool service from MyHome.Pro can benefit your Dallas pool:

Pool maintenance can be time-consuming and interrupt your regular schedule. If you find yourself forgetting to service your pool once a week, you may be missing critical maintenance. Your pool needs to stay clean and usable. Enlisting the help of a professional pool service allows you to rest easy knowing that your pool will be serviced even if you may not have the time. With a predetermined schedule, you will always know when your pool is being serviced.

One of the more frustrating aspects of owning a pool is trying to maintain the pool’s chemicals. However, this is a vital step in ensuring that your pool remains clean and safe for swimming. Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or have had some frustrating experiences in the past with pool chemicals, an experienced pool service professional can alleviate these stresses. They work diligently to ensure your pool is clean and safe for you and your family.

Maintaining a pool requires more than just keeping it clean and balancing chemicals. If you want your pool to last for years to come, it’s important to keep up with proper service and maintenance of your pool equipment as well. Hiring an expert pool service will give you the best of both worlds to clean and balance chemicals while also inspecting equipment and ensuring longevity.

Why Choose MyHome.Pro?

The Dallas Area Pool Experts

Dallas residents know the importance of a functioning pool in the summer heat. Because of the mild weather here in Texas, a pool is something you can enjoy year-round with proper maintenance. When you can’t keep up with proper maintenance on your pool, the professionals at MyHome.Pro have you covered.

As a locally owned and operated business, we have a unique understanding of Texas pools and homes. Our highly trained team is committed to excellence in every project they take on and can give you reliable service when you need it the most. We are the one-stop shop for everything in your home to keep you comfortable.

We’re so confident in our pool services that we offer a trial on a monthly basis of our Dallas Pool Services. Take advantage of this offer if you are a new customer, are willing to meet with our pool advisor, your pool is currently in a reasonable state of care and cleanliness, and you intend to create an ongoing weekly pool services relationship.

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