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Homeowners struggling to find a long-lasting and reliable oven, stove top, & range repair in Dallas, Plano, or Carrollton need not worry–  MyHome.Pro offers unbeatable repair and installation services for ranges and ovens of all kinds. As the leading appliance specialists in North Texas, we proudly provide thorough, meticulous, and efficient repair services at a fair price. With almost 30 years of experience, our team of experts have proven their excellence by providing superior appliance repair solutions to customers across the metroplex.

Homeowners who have used our services know we stand out from our competitors by prioritizing quality service and providing an elevated customer experience. We value honesty, integrity, and reliability in our service, as seen in our meticulous diagnostics, transparent service, and reliable work. You can also find them in our pursuit to educate homeowners on matters of home comfort. We haven’t finished the job if you don’t fully understand the root issue, our proposed solution, and how to prevent it from occurring again. We enjoy collaborating with our clients and ensure that your oven, stove top, & range repairs will go off without a hitch.

MyHome.Pro is the go-to provider for oven repairs in North Dallas. We have dedicated teams of certified, licensed, and insured technicians ready to handle any brand or type of cooking appliance at the drop of a hat. Need a quick and efficient repair solution? No problem–  MyHome Pros can solve any problem with best-in-class service. Secure long-lasting solutions for oven, stove top, & range repairs from a company that prioritizes your needs. Trust MyHome.Pro for reliable and trustworthy appliance repair services, and contact us today.

Oven, Stove Top, & Range Repairs for Gas Appliances in Dallas, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Gas-Powered Appliances

Gas-sourced ranges and ovens have long been a go-to choice for many homeowners. Unlike electric appliances, their power source comes from natural gas or propane. Gas-powered devices are preferred to electric by many, but to understand why, you must know how they work.

Gas-powered appliances generate heat through fire. Essentially, gas and air particles flow through the burner as a starter works to ignite the gas into a steady flame. As a result, gas models cook your food more quickly than electric stoves because the open flame makes them burn hotter. You can adjust the heat to each burner by turning a dial corresponding to each flame’s size.

Gas-powered ovens can be great for homeowners who enjoy cooking because the open flame gives you more control over your cooking techniques, especially when sautéing or browning. However, gas-powered appliances can be dangerous if improperly maintained despite the benefits. Therefore, it is essential you recognize problems as they arise and, even more so, that you have professional assistance. Keep reading to learn more about the most common issues requiring gas oven, stove top, & range repair and their solutions.

  • Burner Will Not Light – This may occur for two reasons: the ignition switch isn’t turning, or gas cannot flow through the valves. If you smell gas when turning on the igniter, your problem is likely with the ignition switch. 
  • Low Flame – Usually indicating dirt and debris build-up; fix this issue by cleaning the burner openings with soap and water.
  • Random Clicking – Clicking that continues once the flame lights is a concern. Check the burner caps to ensure they aren’t loose, and remove any debris blocking the burner holes. 
  • Gas Odor – Smelling gas when the igniter is off usually indicates a leak in the gas line. This is a risky problem; whether you can find a leak or not, you should turn off the gas. 
  • Noisy Burners – If too much air and gas make it to the burner, the flame can become noisy. It may cause a fire, but it also costs you money. Ensure the gas is not flowing faster than it should, and contact MyHome.Pro for oven, stove top, and range repair. 

Gas ovens are often more reliable and efficient than other appliances; however, they can also be a blazing hazard when not maintained. You should secure oven, stove top, & range repair services immediately if you notice a problem; however, an awareness of what issues to watch for and how to troubleshoot them will dramatically improve your reaction time.

Electric Ovens, Stove Tops, & Range Repairs in the North Dallas Area

The Science Behind How They Work & Preventing Common Stove Top Issues

Electric-powered kitchen appliances are the other most common type of oven, stove top, and range. Unlike gas-powered models, electric ovens send heat to the heating elements via a closed electrical current. Electricity warms the burner by pushing heat through two prongs that connect to the power line and complete the circuit. Unlike gas appliances, the problem of a burner that won’t heat is generally straightforward. Usually, it lies in the prongs being unable to complete the circuit.

Electric-sourced kitchen appliances are great for baking and utilizing low-heat and slow-roasted cooking techniques. Still, they can come with their own repair problems to watch for.

Frequent Issues & Their Long-Lasting Solutions

  • Burner Won’t Heat – This is usually the result of damaged prongs. If they look healthy, the current isn’t completing the circuit. 
  • Flickering or Dimming Lights – Flickering lights may indicate faulty wiring or excessive voltage. 
  • Power Cutting Out – This issue may be a sign of overloaded circuits. A professional should examine your oven to ensure all connections are secure and up-to-code. 

Kitchen appliances have tricky fixes. Opting to perform oven, stove top, & range repairs yourself could result in injury, further damage to your device, and unnecessary expenses. Hiring a professional oven, stove top, & range repair service like MyHome.Pro ensures your appliances operate safely and at optimal levels.

Do I Need Oven, Stove Top, & Range Repair?

How to Know When It’s Time For A New Oven, Range, or Stove Top

As a responsible homeowner, saving money wherever possible is paramount. However, deciding whether to repair or replace your old oven isn’t always straightforward. Typically, an oven or range will last between ten and twenty years–  potentially longer if well-maintained and less if neglected. So as long as your oven is older than ten years, you can likely replace it without cause for concern. Still, making decisions for appliances under ten is where things get tricky.

Whether the machine is fixable matters less than the appliance’s age ratio compared to the repair cost. When your oven is less than ten years old, finding a replacement is a financially wise decision if the repair expense exceeds 50% of the replacement cost. For example, if a new stove costs $1,200 while repairing your current appliance costs $600, you’re at the tipping point; you are justified in upgrading to a new system. As your system ages, you will begin noticing a need for more frequent oven, stove top, & range repairs. Still, unlike younger appliances, ovens, stoves, and ranges over ten only need expenses that add up to 20% of what a replacement would cost.

Although it can be challenging to determine whether you need to employ replacement or repair services, knowing you have MyHome.Pro’s team of appliance repair specialists on your side gives you confidence in difficult times. Whether you’re leaning toward a new system or in desperate need of repairs on your old system, our experts are here to answer your questions, provide honest advice, and redefine excellence regarding the customer experience.

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Whether electric or gas-powered, your oven, stovetop, and range are your lifeblood; without them, you would be roasting hot dogs in a firepit out back or spending a fortune on takeout. When you need oven, stovetop, & range repairs, you must have an appliance repair specialist that can quickly and effectively solve your problem.

At MyHome.Pro, we know that home appliances are the backbone of every home. They enable homeowners to balance work, parenthood, and other responsibilities while maintaining a routine.

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