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Expert Mosquito Control in North Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton, Texas

Mosquito infestations in North Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton, Texas, are a nuisance and can prove mosquito control methods ineffective without professional help. Mosquitos have a reputation for being the peskiest insects in North Texas and have the potential to be dangerous as well.

There are many different kinds of mosquito species which can further complicate the extermination process. Luckily, MyHome.Pro offers a comprehensive list of mosquito control services that will rid your home of these pests.

Our experienced pest specialists have in-depth knowledge and expertise to perform services that attack infestation problems at their head and in their entirety. To do this, we utilize a mixture of advanced technologies and strategies to eradicate your mosquito problem so that we can provide long-term relief without unintentionally harming your family or pets.

It is always better to reach out to a professional sooner rather than later. Mosquitos can be a nuisance leaving itchy bites and causing allergic reactions; however, several species also carry diseases and can be dangerous. Get ahead of your mosquito control problem with pest control services from MyHome.Pro. We will help you regain control of your home so that you can start enjoying the night breeze again.

Protecting your home from mosquitos is easy when you use the expertise of a pest control specialist like MyHome.Pro. We offer comprehensive mosquito services that get rid of mosquitos quickly and permanently in a few simple steps.

First, we perform a thorough property inspection of your home and yard. We must identify where the problem is most concentrated and what is attracting your pests.

Once we have a good understanding of the problem, we can develop a mosquito control strategy tailored to your infestation. It will outline mosquito elimination methods, prevention efforts, and ways to control the sources supporting their growth.

Next, we will implement the strategies and treat your yard so that you no longer have to put up with nuisance mosquitos.

Finally, we plan for future visits to ensure your yard stays nuisance free and you can enjoy your life again.

Everything You Need to Know About Mosquitos

Disease, Contamination, & the Importance of Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos are small insects commonly found throughout the United States that need the blood of humans and animals to survive. Not all mosquitos bite people. It is only the females who need blood to produce eggs. Hundreds of different species of mosquitoes live in the US; the most typical reaction to their bite is itching and swelling. However, some mosquito species can act as vectors for small animals that spread diseases. Although not all mosquitoes transmit pathogens when they bite, it’s impossible to know which ones do and which do not, so it is better to be safe.

Although they are generally just a nuisance, mosquito control is critical because it only takes a few infected mosquitoes to start an outbreak of severe diseases like the West Nile Virus or Malaria. So keeping their populations under control in and around your house reduces the likelihood of someone in your household getting sick.

Of the more than 200 species of mosquitoes living in the US, only 12 spread diseases. The remaining species are not vectors and cannot carry pathogens– they are merely nuisance mosquitos. However, it is impossible to tell the difference, so you must protect yourself from them all.

The most common disease spread by mosquitoes is The West Nile Virus, followed by Zika and Dengue. There are also more than 2,000 cases of Malaria reported annually. For a mosquito to become infected with a germ, it has to take the blood of an infected person or animal. Not all viruses can be transmitted by mosquitoes. It must replicate in the body as it moves down from the gut. Once the germ multiplies, it can move into the salivary glands so that the next time it bites a person or animal, that germ passes on to the victim via the mosquito’s saliva. There are about three weeks between when the germ is contracted to when the mosquito can pass it on.

Playing fast and loose with mosquitoes in your backyard is too dangerous. So if you are interested in learning more about how our mosquito control services can protect you and your family, keep reading or contact us today!

Mosquito Control at Home

Keep Your Home Disease Free Between Mosquito Control Service Calls

Maintaining a pest-free environment between mosquito control service calls is easy if you follow a few simple steps– let us show you how!

1. Consistently remove standing water where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

Mosquitoes stay close to water, and an essential part of keeping them away from your home is displacing standing water from things like tires, buckets, trash containers or lids, and even pools. It will make a noticeable difference to tightly cover water storage containers and throw out or turn over anything holding water once a week. You should also fill tree holes that can hold water and ensure your septic and water heater tanks are maintained and leak-free.

2. Do your best to kill mosquito larvae.

You can use larvicides to treat large bodies of non-drinking water that you cannot reasonably get rid of– make sure you follow the directions to the letter. You can also ask one of our team members how MyHome.Pro pool services can further help with mosquito control.

3. Deter or kill mosquitos with outdoor adulticides in places where they commonly rest.

Mosquitoes like dark, humid areas with coverings they can hide under. You can also try deterring candles, spays, and lighting; however, there is only so much you can do on your own, and new mosquitoes may indicate it’s time for your next round of pest control.

Mosquitos love cool shaded places and can easily enter your home day or night through carports, poorly sealed doors and windows, damaged screens, or open doors. You may commonly see them congregating near your house plants– especially if you are overwatering them. Indoor mosquito control is difficult because most methods of removing them harm humans, so it is best to contact one of our agents for a consultation.

Technician spraying for mosquitos

Mosquito Bite Symptoms, Treatments, and Complications

Mosquito Control Solutions Save Lives

Although mosquito bites are not typically painful, they can quickly become unbearable as the insect’s saliva enters your bloodstream and triggers the itchy sensation that infamously represents how we think of mosquito bites. Reactions vary from person to person and can become more severe if the person is allergic; however, they are typically not a problem unless that mosquito is carrying a virus.

A big part of treating mosquito bites is relieving the itch– scratching your bite spreads the infection and can have unintended consequences. Instead, use hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion on the affected area. These creams will help with swelling and draw out any excess liquid causing the reaction to relieve the itching. If you do not have hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion, use a baking soda paste (baking soda and water). It has an alkaline pH balance that will provide a similar effect.

Complications are not common with mosquito bites. The most frequent problem is an infection due to over-scratching the bite. If this happens, wash the bite with soap and water. Keep antibacterial ointment and relief cream applied and cover the affected area so you cannot scratch it.

The less common but much more severe complication comes from the pathogens you can contract from mosquitos. Although not everyone with a mosquito-borne pathogen gets sick, they can still spread the disease. Therefore, you must monitor your health after getting bitten. If you start experiencing cold-like symptoms, you should see a doctor.

Mosquito Control Service Plans for Consistent Pest-Free Living

Get the Most from Your Favorite Pest Control Company in North Dallas

Mosquitos are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. The only way to ensure your home stays pest-free is by relying on regular mosquito control services from a reputable company like MyHome.Pro. Luckily, we make it easy for homeowners to stay on top of all their home services, including pest control, with our MyHome.Pro elite membership. This service plan includes many valuable perks, including a complimentary annual pest inspection– so rest assured you are not sharing your home or yard with any unwelcome visitors.

So if you are interested in taking advantage of everything MyHome.Pro has to offer, check out our Elite Membership or give us a call at (972) 474-8684.