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At MyHome.Pro, we understand how inconvenient mini split AC issues can be in the North Dallas heat. So our pros are committed to providing Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton, Texas with reliable and efficient mini split AC repair that redefines HVAC excellence. Every client interaction should come with integrity while exceeding expectations because it matters to us that you can return to enjoying your home ASAP!

Find comfort in the highest quality mini split services in North Texas. Here at MyHome.Pro, we stay ahead of the game regarding cutting-edge equipment and technology so your home stays cool year round. So whether you need a consultation or installation, trust our team for an excellent comfort experience—and make your house feel like a luxury resort! Call a licensed MyHome.Pro Expert to learn how to get started on your personalized journey to home comfort.

Considering the struggle to find ways to save money at home, ductless mini splits are quickly becoming the #1 HVAC unit on the market. Sleek in design and planned for maximum impact, these modern miracles of engineering give you complete control of your home’s temperature. By utilizing advanced climate controls, these air handlers provide optimal temperature management inside by splitting it into zones that help keep utility costs low.

Mini split AC units provide efficient, targeted climate control with no ducts or copper line sets necessary. Instead, mini-splits combine an outdoor condensing unit, wall-mounted indoor units, and line sets that connect the two. These systems work by drawing air from designated zones and using refrigerant to alter the temperature before returning it to the room– all while trapping the heat outside! To learn more about ductless mini splits, connect with our team today!

Mini Split AC vs. Central AC

Mini Split AC Repair & Installation that Redefines Your Home Comfort

Traditional air conditioners use ducts to carry air through your home. These units maintain a specific humidity level and temperature, dispersing air into the various rooms of your property. Central air enables you to keep one unifying atmosphere throughout an entire space.

Ductless mini split AC units, however, give you more control over the temperature in various parts of a space by splitting it into zones. You can then control each zone individually, allowing some areas of your home to be cooler than others. The differences between these two appliances are vast. To help you fully understand the advantage of ductless AC, you must know how they differ.

Mini Split AC offers a ductless design. Instead, each zone incorporates line sets that connect the indoor and outdoor units. The condenser pumps refrigerant through the lines, and the indoor unit uses it to cool the air in its zone. This distinction allows for precise and accurate control over each zone.

Mini splits offer flexibility and control that central air can’t provide. Ductless units are independent of each other, offering exceptional efficiency and flexibility; by operating different indoor units at different times, you can cool only the rooms in use without wasting energy to cool an entire property.

Central air conditioning is still the leading choice for large spaces like apartment buildings and warehouses. This is because its use of ducts allows it to maintain a consistent temperature across large areas and individual ac units. However, ductless systems are swiftly catching up; they can now control up to 9 separate zones, making them perfect for residences and small businesses.

Mini split AC units may be more expensive up front, but it is because their efficiency levels are off the chart. The most significant area of savings is due to the lack of ducts. Airflow can escape ductwork, reducing efficiency by as much as 30%. Therefore, switching to a ductless system could save you at least 30% on energy bills.

Upgrading to a new system is not always straightforward, so call a pro today, and we will help you get started!

Prevent Mini Split AC Repairs With Proactive Maintenance

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Mini Split AC Installation

Regular maintenance is critical to supporting a flawless mini split. Simple tasks like keeping the unit free of dust and dirt can make a significant difference. Allowing dirt to build up puts a strain on our system, which makes it have to work harder; when your system works harder, it costs more to operate, so keeping it clean should be a top priority.

Before cleaning, turn off the system and let it cool down. You’ll want to clean the reusable filters monthly to prevent buildup on the indoor units. Don’t forget to dust the outside of the units as well. You should also keep furniture at least 4 feet away from the indoor units– doing so will further discourage dust buildup.

For optimal functioning, don’t forget to inspect your outdoor unit. It’s crucial to keep dirt from accumulating there as well. The coils play a vital role in your mini split’s well-being. Dirty coils hang on to heat, causing them to need more cooling energy and leading to future issues.

You can prevent this by using a garden hose to give the outdoor unit a thorough rinse but be cautious not to damage the fins. Use a fin comb to straighten them if necessary, as bent fins can harm your compressor in the long run.

When maintaining a mini split AC unit, hiring a certified HVAC technician is the most crucial aspect. At MyHome.Pro, our professionals possess the expertise and experience to identify and resolve issues before they escalate. Keep your HVAC system in top shape with their reliable expertise.

Finding the Right Mini Split AC for Your Home Comfort Needs

A 2023 Buying Guide for Mini Split Air Conditioners

MyHome.Pro is committed to helping you find a suitable mini split AC for your residence because we care about your comfort and savings. Finding the right option is crucial because the effects of a poorly installed or unfit system can be disastrous and expensive. Here are a few things to consider when looking for a mini split.

Single-zone splits are ideal for add-ons and apartment garages. How many zones will work best for your needs depends on the square footage of your house and how many rooms there are. An excess or lack of zones will have issues such as:

  • Insufficient cooling power
  • Increase in utility bills
  • Greater risk of mini split AC repair or breakdown

Splits measure power in BTUs, which indicate the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water. Multi-zone systems use fewer BTUs to cool small individual areas, whereas single-zone mini-splits need more. Therefore, you must ensure your system has sufficient power to regulate the temperature of its zone.

Ductless mini splits boast two compressor types: rotary and inverter. A rotary compressor works at full power to maintain your desired temperature, while an inverter compressor only uses the energy required to achieve the set temperature, then idles until more power is necessary to support it.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a reliable measure of a cooling system’s efficiency. A higher SEER rating indicates better efficiency. Mini-splits must meet a federal requirement of 14.3 SEER or higher. However, it’s worth noting that higher SEER ratings come with a higher price tag.

Finding the right ductless mini split AC unit is complex and very technical. We want to help you achieve optimal efficiency and comfort– call a Pro today!

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