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Trustworthy microwave installation and repair services are available for Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton homeowners. As the top appliance expert in North Texas, MyHome.Pro guarantees meticulous and efficient work. Our team continually exceeds industry standards in the quality of microwave repair; still, it’s our genuine customer service and care that distinguishes us from the competition, making us the go-to choice for North Dallas residents.

At MyHome.Pro, we specialize in appliance repair service. Our certified, licensed, and insured technicians are skilled in resolving any issue with any type or brand of microwave, from over-the-range to built-in microwaves. You can rely on our expertise to honestly evaluate the damage, ensuring a lasting solution to the problem and confidence in our services.

At MyHome.Pro, reliability is our foundation. We prioritize transparency and dependability in our services, advice, and recommendations. Our ultimate objective is to help you understand the source of the problem and its solution so that together, we can prevent it from happening again. Our team takes pride in collaborating with customers on repairs, ensuring we fully understand your concerns.

We take every job seriously and see it through until the end. So if you’re experiencing problems with your microwave in North Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to enhancing your home comfort and providing reliable microwave installation solutions. Trust us with your comfort and efficiency!

Microwaves are named for the type of energy they use to cook — microwaves. Like radio waves or infrared light, microwaves are high-energy photons that can warm food when absorbed. Microwaves form inside the oven using an electron tube or a magnetron. Waves reflect off of the metal interior until absorbed by the food. Microwaves cause water molecules in the food to vibrate, generating heat on the outer layer. As heat builds, the outer layer is cooked and uses the excess energy to cook the inside.

Microwave ovens are more energy efficient than traditional cooking methods because they work faster and require less energy to cook the food. Review the owner’s manual carefully to get the most out of your microwave. It will tell you the best products and materials to use inside and provide helpful maintenance advice.

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Tips for Preventing Microwave Repair

Get the Most Out of Your Microwave Oven & Avoid Costly Service

Although straightforward in design, microwaves can be temperamental in how you treat them. Everyone knows not to put foil in the microwave. Still, most homeowners do not realize there are other rules to follow that promote microwave health and seamless operation. To prevent microwave repairs and best care for your appliance, we suggest following these tips:

  • Don’t turn it on while it’s empty. If you’re not cooking something, it is best to leave your microwave alone. Without food inside, there is nowhere for the microwave energy to go, so it gets absorbed back into the machine itself. Any part of the microwave can absorb the power, but it will all overheat.

  • Don’t use metal inside of it. Like foil, using metal inside of the microwave will start a fire. The waves only work if they can pass through an object, and unfortunately, they cannot pass through metal-based objects.

  • Keep the Interior walls and door seal clean. Although this doesn’t seem like a big deal, leaving food splatters on your microwave walls and door can lead to fresh microwave installation.

  • Be sure not to block the vents. Microwaves produce a lot of heat during the process; if it cannot get rid of that energy, it will overheat.

Microwave Trouble? It’s Probably One Of These Issues…

The Most Common Problems Leading to Microwave Installation & Repair

Problems with your microwave can put a dent in your convenience and ruin your routine. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how crucial their microwave is for everyday living until something goes wrong or they need microwave repair. Understanding the warning signs that a problem is developing and knowing how to handle it are essential steps in protecting your convenience and bypassing the suddenness of appliance repair. To help you prepare for the worst, here are common repair issues most microwaves will face at one point or another.

Excessively Noisy

Although some noise is normal, excessive noise could indicate a problem with one of the internal components. To find the root cause, you generally have to take the device apart and know what to look for, so it is best to employ a Pro with expert knowledge.

Exhaust Fan Malfunction

If there is a problem with your exhaust fan, you are most likely dealing with a filter problem. The charcoal or grease filter absorbs pollutants produced in cooking and can clog occasionally. If replacing the filter doesn’t work, you could have a more severe problem, like a malfunction in the microwave fan motor.

Tray Won’t Turn

If the tray doesn’t turn, your food cannot cook. Drive motors allow for the rotating motion that spins the tray and is likely the culprit if there is a rotation problem. These issues may also result from a cracked roller guide which deteriorates over time.

Touchpad Not Responding

The source of this problem comes from a faulty membrane switch or control board. The membrane switch sends signals to the control board to activate specific functions, so if it’s worn out or defective, your touchpad won’t respond.

Microwave Not Heating

a lack of heat could simply imply that your microwave is too old and needs a replacement. However, it can also indicate something more serious, like a problem with the magnetron or high-voltage diode. You can replace these parts, but they are difficult to access without help.

Microwave Won’t Operate

First, ensure the appliance is plugged in, and the outlet works properly. Otherwise, this may indicate a faulty door switch. The door switch tells your microwave when it is okay to start cooking, so the machine will not turn on if it is not sending that signal.

Any number of issues can occur with kitchen appliances like your microwave, so it is best to have your eyes peeled. Anytime you experience microwave trouble, remember that the Pros do it with honesty and integrity. We care about your convenience and comfort. So call us today so we can get started with your consultation.

Asking the Right Microwave Installation Questions

How to Find the Best Specialist (Or Know When You’ve Found Them)

When it comes to finding an appliance specialist for your microwave installation, the process can be daunting. Finding a company that breathes excellence is difficult because you never know who is being authentic about their services—however, the MyHome.Pro team cares about your comfort and convenience. So whether you choose our services or not, we want to ensure you find experts who can easily handle your request. Before hiring an installation specialist, check these boxes to ensure you have found a high-quality and qualified company.

  • They have extensive experience with microwave repairs.
  • Compare Estimates from 3 or more places.
  • Look for middle-of-the-road estimates and look closely at what each includes. Cheap quotes may point to low-quality work and service, while high quotes may indicate you won’t get the care and attention you deserve.
  • Check past reviews.
  • What certifications, licensing, and insurance do they hold?
  • Request a physical copy of the contract.
  • Get a detailed list of all fees and services involved to ensure everyone is on the same page.

It would help if you also looked for a friendly and knowledgeable appliance repair company; it is okay to have questions throughout this process, and you never want to work with someone who will make you feel bad for that. When it comes to microwave installation and repair in North Dallas, no one does it better than the Pros. With our services, you can always count on a friendly expert with a concern for your comfort and convenience. We thrive in excellence because we do things differently here at MyHome.Pro– see for yourself!

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As appliance repair Pros, we understand how frustrating microwave malfunction is. Appliances should operate seamlessly in the background without causing concern. However, even the most well-maintained systems may eventually experience issues. Fortunately, we offer hassle-free microwave installation and repair services that can restore your confidence in home appliances.

Trust our dedicated experts to swiftly and dependably solve your appliance troubles without compromising your routine. So say goodbye to microwave repair concerns and contact the North Dallas Pros at MyHome.Pro today.