Key Signs That Your Microwave Needs to be Repaired

Microwaves are an extremely convenient tool to have in any kitchen as they allow you to quickly heat up a snack or cook a quick meal when you are in a hurry. However, while microwaves can be useful, they still may act up from time to time and require professional repair, just like any other appliance in your kitchen. Yet, how will you know if your microwave needs to be replaced if it can be repaired? Here are a few signs you can look out for that your microwave needs to be repaired. 

Your Food Doesn’t Cook Properly

While cooking times can vary from one microwave to the next, you should likely be familiar with how long things generally take to heat up inside your microwave. If it is suddenly taking you much longer than normal to heat up a plate of food, then there is likely something wrong with your microwave. One of any number of components inside your microwave may be failing, and having your microwave repaired could be a cheaper solution than replacing it altogether.

The Plate No Longer Spins

Something is clearly wrong with your microwave if the turntable inside your microwave no longer spins. Your microwave’s turntable is a critical element, as spinning the food helps to ensure that it cooks/heats as evenly as possible. Without a spinning turntable, you may encounter issues heating and cooking food. While you can check to see if a chunk of food got stuck in a wheel, as this may be causing your problem, you may need to have the turntable professionally repaired.

You Hear Strange Noises

As with any appliance, it is critical that you stop using your microwave and call a repair technician as soon as possible if it starts making strange or unusual sounds. While an unusual banging or grinding sound could be caused by something as simple as a piece of food catching the wheel mechanism, there could also be a component failure inside the microwave that could lead to a breakdown or a fire. This makes it critical that you have your microwave repaired as soon as possible if it doesn’t sound right.

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