It’s Time for a Pool Heater Inspection!

Now that we’ve got the Summer behind us, know that having a your pool heater ready to go to face the cooler weather becomes pretty important – especially if you have a spa/hot-tub. Your pool heater, however, may not be ready for the work it will need to do. This is the PERFECT time to schedule that important regular maintenance so the heater not only keeps the pool comfortable, but also won’t drain extra energy. Your MyHome.Pro team will provide a quality inspection and review, so contact us today to arrange for your annual inspection and tune-up visit. 


Your pools heater is similar to any home heating system: like furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers, a pool heater must have an annual check-up and inspection to see that it will work throughout the cooler months. Maintenance is also necessary to see that the pool heater lives up to its estimated lifespan, and in fact, MANY HOME WARRANTIES ARE VOIDED IF YOU DON’T RUN YOUR HEATER EVERY MONTH!


When we do a Pool Heater inspection, one of our skilled technicians will run through a 10-point checklist to see that the system works its best and does not require any repairs. The specific types of checks done with depend on the type of pool heater you have.

1. Complete full visual inspection of the pilot and main burners (assuming Gas) and if electric, check to see if the element needs cleaning and scrubbing with a wire brush.2. Clear pilot assembly and burners of any obstruction.3. Check flow of gas valve and ensure it is properly operating.4. Check heat exchanger for soot / corrosion, broken or bent fins, leakage or clogging from soot.5. Vacuum / dust out the bottom of heater to remove dust and debris.6. We’ll also check to make sure the heater was properly installed on a non-combustible material, such as concrete with the proper clearance and without debris or leaves around the outside of the heater.7. Check for broken or damaged pipes or leaks at any joints.8. An overall inspection of components, safety devices and operation of switches and thermostat control.9. Check exhaust pipe for any leakage or unusual fumes.10. Report any findings to our Customer so that we can make the proper corrections to provide a safe operation.

The technician will finish the session with a system efficiency test and a check on the temperature input and outflow. If anything appears amiss, the technician will advise you on repairs and parts replacement, and then help arrange for the work necessary.

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