Is Your Pool Safe? 3 Potential Areas of Concern

Though swimming pools are sites for summer fun and recreation, they sometimes prove unsafe. Sadly, up to three thousand people die annually due to accidental drownings in swimming pools. In order to keep your swimming pool as safe as possible, please consider these potential problem areas. 

Swimming Pools: 3 Potential Areas of Concern

With a bit of care an attention, you can prevent your swimming pool from being a neighborhood hazard!

First Area of Concern: Access

One way to prevent accidental drownings (particularly those of children) is to block free access to your pool.

  • Build a pool fence
  • Erect a screen porch
  • Make sure gates latch and lock

Such simple safety measures can help make sure no one finds their way into the pool unsupervised.

Second Area of Concern: Chemical Storage

Though pool chemicals keep swimmers safe by cutting down on bacteria and potential transmission of infections and diseases, if these chemicals are not stored safely, they could cause your pool area to become a potential health hazard. Always store pool chemicals in a locked, well-ventilated area.

Third Area of Concern: The Pool Setting

In addition to looking after the pool itself, you’ll want to keep the entire pool setting in good condition.

  • Trim back trees and bushes
  • Keep pool deck in good repair
  • Cover and protect any nearby electrical outlets

In addition to these basic steps, make sure your pool area is equipped with an emergency kit and a list of phone numbers so that if there is an emergency, the appropriate authorities and first responders can be contacted right away.

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