Is DIY Pest Control Right For Me?

There’s nothing wrong with a little DIY project. Whether we’re talking about lawn care, pool cleaning, or something more ambitious like home renovations, some people just like to do things for themselves. If you’ve considered DIY pest control but just aren’t sure if you could do the job justice, here are three things to take into consideration. 


If you’re going to take care of your own home pest control, you’ll need to invest a fair amount of time to do the job right.

First, you’ll want to investigate your environment, noting what sorts of pests are prone to infiltrate it. Next, you’ll need to research the best practices for dealing with each one. Then you’ll have to head to a local store to pick up supplies, bring them home, and set up any tools or systems you intend to implement.

All this before you’ve even applied a single treatment to your home or yard!

Hidden Expenses

Apart from hidden time costs, DIY pest control can also come with hidden monetary expenses.

Take, for example, what goes into treating a lawn. While the insecticide granules that suit your purposes may only cost around $30, the lawn spreader you’ll need to apply them could set you back hundreds of dollars!

While not all hidden expenses are that extreme, it’s worth noting that because pest control often involves specialized tools, DIY options are not always as inexpensive as they appear on the surface.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes when amateurs attempt to do the job of a professional, they overestimate their own abilities.

“How hard can it be?” they ask themselves.

The answer, of course, is complicated.

Often, the job is not “hard.” At least, it’s not physically challenging.

Pest control professionals, however, often retain a base knowledge and set of skills from which to draw. Without these, your average homeowner could wind up needlessly struggling.

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