How to Tell When Your Oven or Cooktop Needs Service

Not every problem with an oven or cooktop is straight forward. It is not uncommon for people to initially blame their cooking skills when, in reality, they need to be calling an appliance repair service. The following situations are good indications that it is not you, but rather your oven or cooktop, that needs to be taught a few lessons.

Food Under or Over Cooked

If you notice that your food is coming out either undercooked, dried out or burnt on a consistent basis, it probably isn’t your fault. This is a sign that your oven or cooktop needs a visit from an appliance repair service.

Cooktop Takes Forever to Heat or Cook

Electric cooktops often use a temperature sensor to maintain the requested amount of heat. When these fail, the burner will shut off early, causing it to stay cooler than normal. Eventually, this will cause the burner to fail completely.

Slow to Preheat

An oven’s preheat cycle should not fluctuate. If you notice that it is taking longer for your oven to preheat, there is a problem. If your oven uses gas, the problem could actually be extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be used until you have had it checked out by a professional repair service.

Burner Will Not Heat or Up or Ignite

Electric burners that will not turn on can indicate an electrical short, which can be a serious danger. Gas burners that will not ignite post the danger of accidentally being left on, allowing gas to leak into your home. These are both extreme safety issues that must be addressed right away.

Strange Noise

If you have a gas oven and it seems to make more noise than usual when it ignites, this is an indication of a dangerous condition. Letting this situation to continue can end up in an explosion inside your oven and a fire in your kitchen. Stop using the oven immediately and call for appliance repair service to solve the issue. While the repair is simple, ignoring it could be hazardous to your home and family.

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