How To Prepare Your Pool for Texas Winter

Winter may seem like a far-away thought as we roll into fall, but it’s never too early to consider the steps you should follow to take care of your pool. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to know when and what you should do to prepare your pool for winter.

Why Should I Winterize My Pool?

You may be thinking to yourself; it rarely falls below freezing in Texas; surely my pool will be fine in the winter. That is not the case. If your pool is not properly closed for the winter, one night of snowfall or ice buildup can have lasting consequences, such as damaged equipment, broken plaster, and ripped vinyl siding. Properly caring for your pool before winter can help extend the life of your pool and the pool’s equipment.

When Is The Best Time To Start Closing Your Pool?

It may be tempting to put the cover on your pool and walk away from it until next summer, but it is not that easy. If you don’t properly close your pool before next season, you are creating a host for mold, algae, and a swamp to grow. This, in turn, will make it much harder to get your pool ready for next summer. So, the best time to close your pool is when it’s no longer too hot outside, and the outdoor temperatures have started regularly falling at or below 65 degrees. Until then, make sure you stay on top of the regular maintenance and testing your pool needs.

Steps for Winterization

  • Clean the pool. To avoid a buildup of debris, make sure you vacuum your pool.
  • Test the chemistry of your pool’s water, this will help ensure it’s all balanced for the off-season.
  • Shock. This is done a few days before closing the pool to break apart chloramine. It helps raise the chlorine levels of your pool and keep the water clean.
  • Lower the water level a few inches, do not lower it more than 18” from the top.
  • Clean the rest of the pool from the pump, filtration system, and lines to ensure you won’t have debris buildup.
  • Install and place a winter cover.

How We Can Help

Before closing your pool for the season, give MyHome.Pro a call. We can ensure all of your pool’s equipment is running properly and will be able to survive the off-season. This way, you don’t have to wait next summer for your pool equipment to be repaired.

For all of your pool repair needs and questions contact MyHome.Pro at (972) 474-8684! Your Whole Home Professionals.

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