How Critical is an A/C Tune-Up?


There are a lot of things we “HAVE” to do.

Put gas in our cars, buy groceries, and pick the kids up from school.

But how critical is an ANNUAL A/C TUNE-UP?

Lots of A/C contractors and manufacturers will tell you to get your air conditioner tuned up every year… and you are thinking “but my A/C seems to be running okay!”

Is an AC Tune-Up ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY?Surprise: Not absolutely.

It’s probably a surprise to hear this from someone providing A/C services, but you’re A/C won’t likely blow up or catch on fire if you skip a tune-up.  There’s no guarantee it will break down when you really need  it on that hottest day of the summer with company coming!

It is absolutely possible your system will run just fine.

Is that good enough?  

What is the trade-off for comfort, energy efficiency,  and maybe your system’s warranty?

An Ounce of Prevention … versus a Ton of Pain!

We believe an “ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure” (an A/C’s cooling power is measured in “tons”) … and since your Tune-Up is such a small cost compared to the huge cost of operation, it will generally pay for itself in energy savings, and other benefits…

Our 22 years in the A/C business says it’s a pretty good idea… in fact, we HIGHLY recommend it. And we have some pretty good reasons why you won’t want to skip your annual tune up!


A Spring Tune-Up will give your A/C a Summer head start. 

Regular maintenance is generally less costly than a repair. 

A Tune-Up can decrease cooling costs. 

Neglecting regular maintenance may void your warranty. 

A well-maintained A/C lasts longer than one that isn’t. 

EnergyStar, the USDE, and the EPA ALL recommend it! 

Scheduling is easier & more flexible BEFORE THE HEAT!


REASON #1: A Spring Tune-Up gives your AC a head start! It’s probably been several months since you last ran your air conditioner for any length of time. Can you expect your system to run at peak efficiency once you need it againevery day?

Let’s say you are about to drive your car cross-country. It’s been sitting in the driveway or the garage for a couple of months, unused. Before turning the key for a cross-country trip, wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least bring your car in for a tune up, an oil change …maybe a tire rotation? I’d sure want to make sure my brakes were up to the trip! You’d kinda want to know your car’s up to the challenge!

As you launch into the Summer heat, you can think about air conditioner maintenance in the same way. North Dallas’s extended hot season means a long period of heavy use for your air conditioner. Give your system a head start by making sure it’s ready.

Or, you’ll run the risk of having lower operating efficiency or even a break down that would have been preventable.

REASON #2: Maintenance is less costly than a repair.Back to our cross-country trip, could your car have survived without the extra precautions? Maybe.

But, generally in such a break down, the repair ends up being more costly than the preemptive maintenance.

The same is true for your A/C.

Sure, we wouldn’t guarantee that your A/C will break down if you skip a tune-up. But if your A/C does malfunction, you can anticipate that repair will cost a lot more than a tune-up would have.

Tune-ups can’t stop all AC problems from happening. Yet, in our years of experience we’ve found that the MAJORITY of cooling problems could have been prevented by annual maintenance. That’s right, more than half.

During a tune up, the A/C Technician can detect small problems and fix them before they become big problems. You will have saved yourself the higher cost – and the bigger hassle – of a repair service call down the road.

Reason #3: A Tune-Up can DECREASE cooling costs. A generally accepted “rule of thumb” is that every year maintenance is skipped, your A/C’s operating efficiency decreases by 5%.

There are some pretty clear reasons for this:

• Over time, dust and debris collect on evaporator coils and condenser coils and they can become clogged, impeding airflow and blocking heat transfer, which means theA/C can’t cool as efficiently.• The condensate drain should be regularly checked for clogs as it can degrade the systems ability to manage humidity, and in extreme cases, could even overflow and cause water damage inside your home.• All moving motor elements and gears need lubrication. Poor lubrication creates friction which will reduce the system’s efficiency.• Blower components need a periodic cleaning and checked for adjustment to avoid airflow problems that can cause efficiency losses up to 15%.

These standard tune up procedures (and more!) will increase your air conditioner’s operating efficiency which can equate to huge energy efficiency savings.

REASON #4: EnergyStar, the USDE, and the EPA ALL recommend regular A/C system maintenance. We’re not the only ones thinking this is a good idea. Guys like EnergyStar, the U.S. Department of Energy and even the EPA all recommend regular annual air conditioner maintenance.

They recommend this because they know a well-maintained A/C means a more energy efficient operation.

REASON #5: Neglecting maintenance may void your warranty!

Most new air conditioners come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Did you know that your warranty might require you to conduct an annual A/C maintenance service?

Warranty certificates from Lennox, Trane and Comfortmaker and others make this clear. These companies won’t provide replacement parts unless your A/C was regularly maintained by an HVAC professional.

Check it out for yourself. You can find this clause under a section called “Eligibility Requirements”, “Exclusions” or something similar.

This policy is a win-win. HVAC manufacturers know that a well-maintained A/C is less likely to need a warranty part in the first place — and even if YOUR manufacturer won’t void your warranty if you conduct an annual service, kinda gives you an idea that might be important!

REASON #6: A well-maintained A/C lasts longer! Regular maintenance is almost always less costly than a repair job. Maintenance means fewer repairs and a prolonged air conditioner lifespan. The reverse is also true — neglecting proper AC maintenance can reduce its lifespan.

We can go back to the car analogy — what if you never get an oil change, never buy new tires, and neglect all the recommended maintenance. Pretty unlikely your car will last as long as someone else’s who maintained their car properly.

Keeping an air conditioning system well maintained will help it run as long as possible. It will also run at higher levels of efficiency, saving you energy costs and keeping your home cool and family comfortable.

REASON #7: Scheduling is easier & more flexible BEFORE THE HEAT!

Unfortunately, most people think about scheduling their Tune-Up when it is hot outside or wait until they have a problem!

Too late! By then, Technicians are already scrambling to keep up with the huge volume of service calls and new installations — this means you might have to wait or schedule the service when it’s not convenient…and generally it will cost you more!

So, is a yearly A/C tune up REALLY necessary?

Do you want all the short and long-term benefits that come with annual air conditioner tune ups?

Or is skipping AC maintenance a risk worth taking?

We’re confident that you’ll make the right call!


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