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Heating repair has never been more important than now in Texas’ ever-changing climate. No matter the weather forecast, you can stay warm and cozy with a reliable and energy-efficient heating system! For years, MyHome.Pro has been providing North Dallas residences and businesses with top-of-the-line residential and commercial heating services. We know just how essential it is to have an efficient heater that won’t break your budget. With our expertise in home comfort solutions, you’ll find yourself prepared for whatever Texas winters bring! Our heating repair services include:

Furnace Repair

Furnace Replacement

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Tune-Up

Mini Split Heating Repair

Heat Pump Servicing

Commercial Heating Services

You never know when you might need heating repair services. At MyHome.Pro, we make it effortless for our customers to get the care they require. From minor repairs to complete furnace replacements and regular maintenance routines, you can trust us to consistently provide premium quality workmanship. Plus, with quick service from a trusted team of experts, minor problems won’t become larger ones down the line – meaning fewer expenses (and worries) for your family. When your Dallas area home needs heating system repair or heating services, MyHome.Pro has you covered with experienced, licensed technicians for the best results possible. Call us today to schedule an appointment with the heating repair experts!

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Signs You Need Heating Repair

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

On frigid days, a malfunctioning heating system can cause your home to become unbearably cold in no time, so it’s critical that you have quality, prompt heating repair services. Knowing the signs before this happens is essential so you will know when it’s time to schedule a heating repair. If your heating system suddenly stops working, you need a dependable and honest specialist. With MyHome.Pro, an experienced technician can identify the issue and come up with the best solution for you. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that your heating system needs service:

From uneven heating throughout your home, warm and cold spots, or no heat at all, it can be frustrating not being able to maintain comfort in your home. If you notice uneven heating, no heat, or if your heating system is blowing cold air, it may be time to look into heating services.

If you have not changed your energy consumption but find that your heating expenses are rising, this may mean that the performance of your heater is deteriorating, and it may require professional heating repair.

While some heating systems may have general background noise, if you are starting to hear banging, hissing, popping, or clanking noises, it could be a sign of a more serious issue. Call a Dallas heating repair contractor like MyHome.Pro to help.

If you notice that your heater isn’t correctly filtering airborne contaminants, or if your family is sneezing and coughing more, it may be time to have a technician perform heating services in your home. While changing filters can reduce this issue, it is important to have a professional service your heater to keep it running efficiently.

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More on MyHome.Pro's Heating Services

Types Of Furnaces

Knowing Which Heating System You Have

In the unpredictable climate of Texas, furnaces can be instrumental in keeping your home warm when you need it the most. While often overlooked, regular maintenance for your furnace to work in the winter is extremely important. There isn’t room for error when it comes to keeping you and your family warm. Knowing what kind of furnace you have is important to determine what maintenance you need. There are four main furnace types:

Natural Gas

As the most efficient furnace per dollar, gas furnaces are the most commonly used type in the United States. With a lower operating cost and a cleaner burning fuel, most people opt for gas when it comes to heating their homes. However, annual maintenance is a requirement for many furnace warranties, and it is important to maintain your gas furnace regularly to ensure it runs efficiently. While uses vary widely with region, gas furnaces typically can be expensive to install, and you don’t have as much control for variation in temperature per room. While these upfront costs might be concerning, you get the benefit of long-term savings.


Known to be more effective than gas furnaces, oil furnaces can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance. In addition, they can create hotter areas, which makes them an ideal choice for colder climates, and they work well in remote areas. However, there are specific cons when it comes to owning an oil furnace. These include the price and maintenance. An oil furnace will need a higher level of cleaning and maintenance in order to function at maximum capacity. In addition, you will need to have your own tank for storing oil and a way to schedule deliveries.


Electric furnaces function off of your home’s electricity and offer low installation costs, no harmful fumes, and faster heating that you can control for each room. While installation costs are low, there are high operational costs that come with heating your home through electricity, and there is the potential to lose heat when your power goes out, leaving you cold and uncomfortable if there is a power outage in the winter. Regular maintenance on your electric furnace is important to keep your energy bills lower.


While cheaper than natural gas, propane furnaces aren’t as efficient for a full-size home. This type will typically work best for cabins, RVs, or smaller structures that can utilize propane for short-term purposes. Propane is easily stored in tanks and works similarly to a gas furnace. If you have a small, portable space that you need to be heated, a propane furnace might be a great choice if you’re looking for something cost-efficient with similar maintenance to a gas furnace.

Regular Annual Maintenance For Your System

How A Heating Repair Pro Can Help You

Having your heating system professionally inspected and maintained annually by a qualified MyHome.Pro technician will keep it running with maximum efficiency through the winter months. Receiving regular maintenance is the best way to maintain your heating system. A service visit can entail everything from inspecting and cleaning your system to checking electrical components and making necessary adjustments. A technician can check your motors, gas valves, heat exchanger, and more. Aside from servicing your system, a professional maintenance technician will inspect your ductwork and recalibrate your thermostat if needed.

Getting routine maintenance done on your heating system can reveal any potential problems with your system and offer you the best solution to maximizing reliability and function through any cold weather. A properly maintained and tuned-up heating system will reduce your household’s environmental impact while keeping your energy bills low.

In the event you do need repair, the experts at MyHome.Pro have you covered for all of your heating needs in Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton.

Why Choose MyHome.Pro

Full-Service Reliable Pros Making Your Home A Resort

At MyHome.Pro, we know how important it is to keep you, your family, and even your customers comfortable when the unpredictable winter weather in Texas strikes. Having a well-maintained, efficient heating system when you need it is important to us. With the ever-changing climate of Texas constantly fluctuating between hot and cold, it’s best to be prepared. We want you to be able to focus on what matters the most instead of worrying about how to repair your heating system.

With our MyHome.Pro elite membership, we make it easier than ever to get whole-home comfort services. When you join the MyHome.Pro family, you get access to priority scheduling, discounts, annual inspections, and more! Heating repair and maintenance is only one of the many perks of creating a membership with us.

MyHome.Pro is here for all of your heating repair, replacement, maintenance, and tune-up needs. We have years of experience serving the Dallas area with quality service. With experience in furnaces, mini-split heaters, heat pumps, and even commercial heating, no job is too big for our licensed and qualified technicians to handle. We offer comprehensive service for all of your needs and are devoted to your total satisfaction. We make your home a resort.

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