Don’t Forget About Pest Control During the Winter Months

When the colder weather begins setting in and the mosquitoes start dying off, it’s tempting to ease up on pest control measures. While it’s nice that these flying bloodsuckers give us a much-needed break, many other pests have ways of making it through the winter, and that includes coming inside with you! 


Both German and American cockroaches prefer a warm environment, so they do their best to hole up inside homes and offices during the winter months. For this reason, winter is the perfect time to ensure your home is well sealed. Cleaning, decluttering, and fixing any moisture-causing leaks also help deter cockroaches.


These wood-loving insects are active year-round, so winter doesn’t change their habits. Subterranean termites, which are common in Texas, can tunnel up to 18 inches below ground to avoid the cold. Keep an eye out for wood damage, termite wings, and mud tubes.

Bed Bugs

Surprisingly, bed bugs can last for days in below-freezing temperatures. Even clean homes can be subject to these pests since they can hitch a ride on a purse or used furniture. Frequent vacuuming, the use of mattress covers, spraying the area with rubbing alcohol, or certain essential oils, such as lemongrass, are effective ways to kill bed bugs. However, leaving even one bed bug behind can mean re-infestation, so for a permanent solution, it’s best to call a professional.


Neither mice nor rats hibernate but stay active all winter. However, being nocturnal, you normally won’t see them during the day unless they’re really desperate for a meal. Instead, you’ll probably find the evidence they leave behind, such as nesting material, droppings, footprints or trails, chew marks, and occasionally, holes in walls or floors. They can take up residence in places like walls, crawl spaces, attics, ducting, and insulation. During the winter, the chance of rodent infestation is higher, because just like us, these critters are seeking a warm abode away from the elements.

One unexpected benefit of winter is that it’s a great time for your pest control professional to concentrate on the interior of your home. Contact MyHome.Pro Pest Control Services today to keep your home pest-free all season long!

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