Do You Have to Live with Pool Stains?

Stains in your pool should never be ignored. They can just appear over time and be completely innocent, but they can also be a sign of early deterioration in your pool. Even if your pool stains aren’t a sign of damage, they sure are ugly and make your pool look a little unwelcoming. However, you don’t have to live with pool stains, regular pool cleaning can help get rid of even the toughest ones. 

Types of Pool Stains Solved By Pool Cleaning

Pool stains often trip pool owners up because not all stains are cleaned the same way. There are actually three types of pool stains that are solved by different means of pool cleaning.

Organic Pool Stains

These are the most common type of pool stain. They are caused by leaves or debris settling in a pool. Usually these stains don’t give pool owners much trouble if they engage irregular pool service. They can be cleaned away by scrubbing with chlorine granules.

Metal Stains

If you have some metal stains in your pool, typically caused by a large amount of rainfall in a year increasing metals in the water, they can be frustrating. Many pool owners mistake these stains for organic matter settling in the bottom of their pool, but the traditional chlorine granules won’t do much to fade these stains. Metal stains are actually best removed by scrubbing with ascorbic acid instead of chlorine.

Rust Stains

If you have that signature red indicating rust stains in your pool, skip the WD-40 and other items that can leave unwanted residue. Instead, rust stains are best treated with sodium bisulfate in order to remove.

While this covers removing the more common stains in a pool, if you have more pool cleaning questions, contact us today to see how MyHome.Pro can help.

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