Complete Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Combined with the EXCLUSIVE LIQUID SPARKLE CHEMICAL SERVICE, our service options provide our customers with a clear, blue, and healthy pool water to the North Texas neighborhoods we service.

Our Full Weekly Service Regimen is our TOTAL POOL SERVICE OPTION and includes the following great services:

  • Weekly inspection of the pool using our proven 21-point pool maintenance inspection process.
  • Test the pool water and provide and apply the EXCLUSIVE LIQUID SPARKLE POOL CHEMICALS as required to keep your pool water in the perfect condition.
  • Empty pool skimmers and pump buckets.
  • Backwash the filter.
  • Brush-clean the pool wall screen.
  • Brush-clean the pool walls, tiles and steps.
  • Skim-net the pool surface.
  • Inspect for any algae growth and treat issues should they arise.
  • Vacuum the pool of leaves and debris.
  • When completed, we submit to the Client an electronic “Weekly Maintenance Report” that outlines the services provided, chemical readings, chemical treatment and any problems detected.
  • Make recommendations for maintaining the proper water level.
  • Report observations or concerns with swimming pool issues or safety concerns.