Complete Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Combined with the EXCLUSIVE LIQUID SPARKLE CHEMICAL SERVICE, our service options provide our customers with a clear, blue, and healthy pool water to the North Texas neighborhoods we service.

THE SPARKLE WHITE GLOVE SERVICE: Our Full Weekly Service Regimen is our TOTAL POOL SERVICE OPTION and includes the following great services:

The MyHome.Pro 21-Point Full-Service Weekly Pool “Best Practice”:

1. Send text notification to client when on the way (usually 10-15 minutes before arrival)2. Carry all necessary equipment and chemicals to pool area3. Ensure the Customer is maintaining the water at the proper level.4. Test the pool water using your test kit and note results in Customer Report.5. Empty pool skimmers.6. Empty pump baskets.7. Empty auto-cleaning equipment bag.8. Brush-clean the pool wall screen (if exists).9. Brush-clean the pool walls and steps.10. Skim-net the pool surface.11. Vacuum the pool of leaves and debris.12. Backwash the filter (if applicable — under some circumstances not advised or necessary).13. Inspect the pool equipment to check for leaks, improperly operation and other problems.14. Apply standard liquid or solid chemicals as necessary to achieve proper balance (specialty chemicals for specific issues may be at an additional charge).15. Inspect for and report any algae growth and treat issues.16. Report any special conditions that added an unusual effort that might require additional fees.17. Report observations or concerns with swimming pool issues or safety concerns (take photos if necessary)18. Report other observations, comments or concerns (take photos if necessary)19. Take photos of pool when complete.20. Send “Completion Report” to Client.21. Report back to office any issues, problems or concerns.

With the MyHome.Pro Full-Service Clients only need to help with the following — and the rest will be taken care of by MyHome.Pro!

  1. Ensure equipment is properly maintained and operated — we can repair and fix your pool systems — just give us your authorization to take care of it!
  2. Operate the pump/filter system at least 10 hours per day (we can help program your timer for this!)
  3. Clean filter at least twice annually (and MyHome.Pro can do this for you!)
  4. Maintain the proper water level.

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