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As the leading commercial AC repair company in Dallas, Plano, and Carrollton, Texas, your business’s productivity and ease of service are our priority. Unfortunately, malfunctioning commercial air units can have a massive impact on your workday. Still, you shouldn’t have to worry about commercial air conditioning service while trying to improve your market share. As a friend of the Pros, we can handle your AC troubles while you focus on your business. That way, you never miss another opportunity due to ac trouble.

At MyHome.Pro, we focus our attention on saving you money. Reducing expenses is important, whether cutting back monthly expenses, preventing unnecessary repairs, or minimizing opportunity costs. One of the best ways to do that is with preventative maintenance. We encourage maintenance because we want you to have confidence in relying on your air conditioner. With the help of our knowledgeable and highly trained professionals, you can ensure your equipment stays optimized and avoids wear-n-tear.

At MyHome.Pro, we offer commercial AC repairs to all types of commercial real estate. We can provide reliable and long-lasting solutions for any problem, whether at an office building, apartment complex, or industrial park– we have you covered. Moreover, we understand how important convenience is for an individual in your position. That is why we offer comprehensive commercial air conditioning services, including:

  • Repair
  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Guidance on air care
  • Regular & preventative maintenance

As a commercial property owner in North Dallas, you don’t have to struggle with quality ac service. MyHome.Pro has everything you need concerning HVAC services– even a specialized team that values your concerns above ours. So whether you want to take better care of your commercial ac or upgrade it entirely, our Pros have it covered.

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Commercial air conditioning repairs can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if you’re unaware of their uniqueness. Understanding what sets commercial A/C apart from residential is crucial when selecting the appropriate system and technicians to care for it.

When it comes to the unit itself, one of the most notable differences between commercial and residential air conditioners is size. Commercial units are often housed on roofs to save space and minimize noise. However, they also face greater demand controlling the temperature for large spaces than private residences.

To effectively cool larger spaces, commercial units have advanced mechanics that can keep up with the increased humidity, body heat, and square footage. However, they are also usually more complex systematically because of the design of the building, such as multiple levels and interconnected units. Consequently, commercial units require more complex and elaborate solutions for the same issues residential units face.

Overall, commercial HVAC units are significantly more complex; when it comes to larger machines, more energy is required to operate. This makes them expensive to run for anyone who doesn’t need that large of an air handler.

Commercial AC repairs are especially complicated if you skip regular maintenance because they are ornate and can easily have issues if no one is watching. Still, even maintenance requires specialized commercial air conditioning service– this is not a task for any repairman. You need a skilled and experienced technician. You need a team dedicated to understanding and fulfilling your requirements. You need a Pro.

Technician repairing commercial AC unit

Commercial Air Conditioning Service and the Life Expectancy of a Unit

How to Avoid Commercial AC Repair with Preventative Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning should last 15-20 years– if maintained. The most efficient way to ensure optimal performance and longevity is through proper maintenance and care. Neglecting proactive and preventative maintenance can quickly penalize life expectancy, making it imperative you stay on top of upkeep and repairs. Taking small preventative steps and understanding the factors contributing to deterioration can ensure your commercial system is optimized to last its full lifespan. If you’re looking for a place to start, try this:

Regular filter changes maximize efficiency and longevity. If you do nothing else, do this! Every ac component is equally important; none can support dirt and debris.

For true efficiency, you can also perform more detailed upkeep tasks like lubricating and inspecting parts for wear-n-tear. Even the smallest precautions will benefit you in the end.

  • Cleaning The Air Ducts 
  • Cleaning Internal And External Components 
  • Replacing Any Worn Parts

Regular maintenance goes a long way in preventing commercial ac repair. However, even though you can control some factors, many external forces can affect life expectancy if not addressed quickly. While controlling these conditions is impossible, there are ways to preserve and protect your unit from its environment– advice from a reliable technician is a good place to start.

Weather and Commercial AC Repair in North Texas

Where you live impacts the operation of your system. In higher temperature environments, like Texas, air conditioners are likely to wear down quicker due to constant use throughout the year and their location on the roof. Weather intensity is a significant factor here because how hard it works directly impacts its lifespan. Rain, heat, snow, and other severe weather conditions all do their part to add stress and hinder efficiency in commercial ac units. If an air conditioner operates under an increased workload for long, it will experience an increased rate of deterioration.

Choosing The Right System And Technicians

Sizing your commercial ac unit to match your building is essential in preventing repair. Not only does an oversized or undersized ac cost more to operate, but it causes the system to wear out early. Securing air service from a company specialized in commercial ac installation is the only way to ensure your air conditioner can perform to its potential. As a result, your business can save on energy and increase the longevity of your air conditioning system along the way.

MyHome.Pro can ensure your Commercial A/C is fit, running, and ready for anything the North Texas weather throws its way.

Frequent Problems that Need Commercial AC Repair

Know When to Bring in Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Professional inspections are critical to minimizing your need for costly Commercial A/C repair. However, even careful attention won’t guarantee problems never arise. For example, temperature fluctuations vary depending on the climate. Inconsistencies can cause problems; unfortunately, you cannot control the weather. Temperatures varying even just a few degrees can lead to frozen coils. Frozen pieces are especially problematic for commercial appliances due to their location and part complexity. Therefore, taking preventative measures to avoid complete disruption to your workflow is highly recommended.

Commercial air conditioners can also be notoriously susceptible to compressor failure. The compressor is essential to your unit’s functioning because it allows the system to cool. It circulates refrigerant through the coils, which pull in heat from the building– nothing else can work without the compressor. Faulty wiring, clogged condenser coils, or even a tiny puncture in the refrigerant line can put your compressor under excessive pressure, severely impacting its performance. Experts recommend you regularly clean the condenser coils because it traps dust. With dust in the way, it cannot release the air cooled by the compressor and will lead to failure.

Businesses rely on their A/C unit functioning to achieve maximum productivity and keep employees satisfied; however, managing a commercial A/C unit can be costly and time-consuming when problems arise. To minimize the disruption to your operations, we offer quick, efficient, and honest service for all your repair needs– helping you maximize productivity and maintain employee satisfaction levels. Our technicians have years of experience in diagnosing any issues that may arise with accuracy, so you don’t need to worry about extra costs due to misdiagnosis or unnecessary repairs. Our solutions are built to last, so let our reliable specialists help you protect your bottom line and increase productivity.

Finding Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems

Signs That Help You Avoid Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Keeping your air conditioner running smoothly requires vigilance – small issues are easier to handle when quickly identified. Staying aware of the warning signs can help you avoid expensive problems down the line and keep things cool!

AC systems are inclined to experience issues over time, but low refrigerant levels are the most common. When a machine isn’t cooling correctly, you should not ignore it – if left untreated, serious damage could occur.

Look out for pooling or moisture around your unit as another sign of a leak; refilling refrigerants can often take care of minor cases independently. However, bigger problems will need professional attention immediately!

Unfamiliar noises from your commercial a/c unit can spell trouble, but our Pros are here to help. An a/c unit that starts with excessive vibrations or banging, buzzing, and whistling noises could also indicate underlying problems. If you’re hearing unfamiliar sounds, it’s important to take action– tightening bolts, replacing parts, or cleaning filters can help resolve the issue.

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MyHome.Pro is your go-to source for all things commercial air conditioning service. Our Pros have the knowledge and qualifications you need for complete assurance in a commercial A/C technician. If you’re uncertain about your needs, our experts can work with you to determine an ideal solution tailored to your ac needs.

Our quality air care services allow your business to save money and utilize its cooling system for many years. Let us be the ones that remind you what quality and comfort in business are all about.

Navigating commercial air conditioning repairs is tricky. With an ever-evolving market of energy-efficient systems, finding the best approach for your needs is challenging. Therefore, you need an experienced guide who will give you honest advice and help you make decisions that bring about optimal cost and efficiency over time.

With the energy cost rising, it’s worth looking closely at your air conditioning system. By consulting an experienced MyHome Pro technician, you can determine whether repairing your current setup is still beneficial or whether investing in a newer, more efficient model will save money. More often than not, a commercial air conditioner over 10 to 12 years old is better off being replaced. The reason is repairs become more frequent, and the costs add up. After a certain point (50% of what it would cost to replace the system, to be exact), you are better off investing in an upgraded unit with more efficiency and less risk.

An efficient HVAC system is critical for your business’s comfort and health. To stay ahead of problems, monitor the consistency of cooling in different rooms. You should also track your energy consumption for a more granular view of your ac operation. Energy bills from year-to-year should line up seasonally, so spikes in utility costs from one summer to the next signify that upgrades are needed for maximum cooling power. By monitoring seasonal spikes in usage compared with previous years, you can quickly detect if there is cause for concern.

The bottom line is that if it is not costing you, there’s no reason to replace it, no matter how old it is. The problem comes into play when your business begins losing money. MyHome.Pro provides commercial air conditioning services that can benefit your organization whether you need help increasing life expectancy and managing AC maintenance or upgrading your entire system for improved optimization– whatever you need, we are at your right hand.