Is Monthly Pest Control Necessary?

Being a homeowner is a huge achievement. However, it comes with an entirely new set of responsibilities to keep your home in perfect shape. Pests can be a menace and dangerous not only to your property, but also to those living in your home. As such, it is necessary to carry out pest control to … Read more

The Benefits of a Weekly Pool Service Plan

Having a pool can be a great luxury as it allows you to take a dip whenever the weather turns hot. However, that luxury comes with a few drawbacks, as maintaining a pool properly requires a great deal of work. Instead of allowing endless pool maintenance to cut into your precious free time, consider hiring … Read more

Is DIY Pest Control Right for Me?

There’s nothing wrong with a little DIY project. Whether we’re talking about lawn care, pool cleaning, or something more ambitious like home renovations, some people just like to do things for themselves. If you’ve considered DIY pest control but just aren’t sure if you could do the job justice, here are three things to take … Read more

Tips on Backwashing Your Pool

Ever wonder why your pool isn’t as clear as it used to be or the pressure is low? Typically your filter is dirty. The quickest way to increase pressure and clear up your pool is to backwash your filter. D.E. filters as well as sand filters need to be backwashed periodically for proper filtration. D.E. … Read more

Tips for Cleaning Your D.E. Filter

If you want a sparkling clear pool, you need to clean your D.E. Filter. D.E. filters, you should backwash when the pressure gauge reads 6-10 lbs. above normal. Sand filters should be backwashed when the pressure reads 10-15 lbs. above normal. D.E. (diatomaceous earth) pool filters do an amazing job of filtering your pool water … Read more

MyHome.Pro tips on Leaky Pool

Does Your Pool Leak? Excess loss of pool water dilutes your chemicals and increases your water bill. Pools will lose up to 1-2 inches of water per week due to evaporation, backwashing and splash out, but if your water level drops more than that, you may have a leak. First check for obvious leaks near … Read more

MyHome.Pro Tips on Pool Safety

Is Your Pool Safe? Sadly, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 300 children under the age of 5 drown in backyard pools in the U.S. each year. Pool safety to prevent tragedy involves physically securing the pool from children. Access to the pool area from the house can be secured by door latches … Read more