4 Signs You Need To Repair Your Ice Maker

During some seasons, you’d want to take a cold and iced beverage to soothe your thirst after a long day. You will require a well-functional ice maker to produce ice and quench your thirst.  Unfortunately, your ice maker can break down due to various reasons, and you may not be able to use it until … Read more

Top 4 Common Appliance Problems

Appliances never seem to break at a convenient time. That’s because, when it comes to the everyday tasks that these appliances perform for us, there is no good time to be without a washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or even a garbage disposal. We spend large sums of money on these machines precisely because we’ll use … Read more

April 26th – National Get Organized Day! Let’s Get our HOME CARE organized!

EXCERPTS REPRINTED FROM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NATIONAL ‘GET ORGANIZED’ DAY! Are you finding yourself with a LONG LIST of activities and clutter that are keeping you from the peace that comes from good organization? Do you find yourself lost in an absolute sea of clutter? Is your filing cabinet more of a three story garbage … Read more

Do You Have to Live With Pool Stains?

Stains in your pool should never be ignored. They can just appear over time and be completely innocent, but they can also be a sign of early deterioration in your pool. Even if your pool stains aren’t a sign of damage, they sure are ugly and make your pool look a little unwelcoming. However, you … Read more

35 Ways to Create a Healthier Home! World Health Day applies to your HOME TOO!

35 Ways to Create a Healthier Home This is an excerpt from The ACTIVE TIMES article dated April 13, 2020, by Zareen Syed.  Go to for the FULL article and associated photos. April 13, 2020, By Zareen Syed Your home environment matters too When we’re talking about improving our health, we tend to put … Read more

Work from Home Trend Increases Demand for Pest Control

With more people working from home and attending school on-line, the need for professional pest control is skyrocketing. Finding roaches, spiders, bed bugs and other rodents in the house is not always a reflection of poor housekeeping as much as active at-home lifestyles. More dishes, carryout food containers and work or school papers attracts pests. … Read more