Appliance Repairs: The Top Signs That Your Oven Needs Servicing

With winter upon us, you will likely find yourself baking more than normal. However, the last thing you want to do is have a perfectly good pie ruined by an oven that isn’t working properly. By having your oven serviced/repaired now, you can ensure that it is ready for all of your heavy baking months. Yet, how will you know if your oven is in need of maintenance? Here is a look at a few common signs that your oven is in need of appliance repairs.

Appliance Repair: The Top Signs That Your Oven Needs Servicing

Changes in Cooking Times

A clear sign that your oven needs servicing is if you have noticed drastic changes in cooking times. If your tried-and-true recipes are suddenly coming out undercooked or burnt for no apparent reason, do not simply chalk this up to your oven aging. These could be signs of problems with your oven that could easily be remedied, such as a failing fan or thermostat. Having your oven serviced could get it to work like new again.

You Notice a Gas Smell

You should always pay attention to any strange smells coming from your appliances, as they are likely a cause for concern. For instance, if you were expecting to smell baking cookies when you walked into the kitchen but instead smelled rotten eggs, then it is likely that you have a gas leak. Continuing to use your oven if it is producing strange odors could put you and your family at risk, so it is critical that you shut off the appliance and call a repair technician as soon as possible to have it inspected.

Something Sounds Off

You should also always pay attention to the sounds that your appliances make, as they can be an early indicator that something is wrong. This is particularly true with ovens, as a properly functioning oven general makes little or no noise. If you start to hear an abnormal ticking, whirring, buzzing, banging, or scratching noise coming from your oven, this is a serious cause for concern. It is important that you turn off your oven immediately, as it is possible that this noise is being caused by a loose or faulty part. If left unaddressed, this problem could potentially lead to a fire, making it critical that you have your oven serviced immediately.

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