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MyHome.Pro was founded on the belief that homeownership shouldn’t be a hassle.  Over the years, we watched too many friends and family members struggle with home maintenance and repair issues.  These were hard-working, competent, successful people – business owners, teachers, nurses, doctors, salespeople, individuals at the top of their game. – but they were completely hamstrung by time-consuming routine maintenance, technical appliance repairs, handyman projects, and, basically overwhelming “honey-do” lists.  They had worked hard to create a home they loved, but they were now spending their free time simply trying to maintain it.  What they needed was someone dependable and knowledgeable they could count on to get things done around the house.

So, we set out to be that someone.

We worked diligently to build a trusted team of experts to address a wide-range of home repair and maintenance needs.  Skillset mastery is a top precept at MyHome.Pro, as is impeccable customer service.  When we send someone into your home, you can count on them to quickly and efficiently address your needs.  In addition to executing their fully-qualified trade work, our team members will demonstrate our indoctrinated principles of customer engagement:

1. Respect the customer’s time
2. Protect the customer’s home
3. Provide honest and dependable assessments
4. Offer informed and research-backed guidance and recommendations

Our services include:

MyHome.Pro is committed to making your home your resort, a place where you can rest and relax and spend time with those you love. Homeownership doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can count on us to keep things running smoothly.



MyHome manages its operations with three simple commitments to our Clients:

  • INTEGRITY in every Client Interaction.
  • EXCELLENCE in every Client Service.
  • Put ENJOYMENT back into our Client’s homes.

This commitment guides us in every action we take and effort we pursue, and we focus each day on answering the question “What value did we deliver for our Clients today?”

Our Pros are craftsmen professionals that wake up every day to solve our Client’s problems and protect their assets. MyHome invests in its Pros to make them the very best they can be, providing the latest tools, technologies, and training, and they are backed by a professional management and research team ready to service our Client’s needs.

MyHome Pros are:

  • Extensively licensed in the fields in which they operate.
  • Hold extensive credentials and have undergone years of training.
  • Put through a deep review of Background Checks.
  • Regularly Drug Tested.
  • Bonded
  • Identified by Uniform and with Photo ID Badge.
  • Provided the best tools, technologies and training available.

Our Pro’s are our greatest asset and we invest in them to become the very best, and our success is their success.

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Steve has almost four decades of experience operating and working for service businesses large and small, and as an executive within Verizon’s Strategic Customer’s groups understands the importance of excellent customer service and total satisfaction.   Steve was a certified public accountant and focuses on financial and operational improvements.

Manager of Operations

Keith has been a key member of the of the MyHome/Sparkle Services team since 1983, and has a reputation with his customers for his focus on delivering exceptional service and making a difference every day for the MyHome.Pro team.

Maverick Davis
Vice President of Appliance Services

Maverick has been a professional in appliance repair for almost twenty years and has experience working on almost every make and model of major appliance in today’s homes.

Leon Robinson
Vice-President of Air-Conditioning & Heating Services

Leon has spent his entire professional life working on air-conditioning and heating systems, specializing in Residential Systems.  He has experience in all brands, makes and models and is licensed to provide services in the entire State of Texas.

Jason Sigmon

AAA Air Service, Heating & Air-Conditioning Services

Pest Control & Extermination Services Manager

Art has been a professional in pest control services and exterminations for over seventeen years and is considered an expert in pest control, exclusions (home improvements to keep pests out of homes) and wild-animal capture and release in the North Texas region. Art is a holder of a State of Texas Structural Pest Control Service Technician’s License in Pest Control and Termite Control.

Director of Pool Maintenance & Repair Services

Gary has been a professional pool manager for several years, and taken care of hundreds of pools providing swimming pool and spa cleaning, chemical treatment, and equipment repair services..  He also has decades of experience in customer service and operations roles.

Gary is a Scoutmaster with Boy Scouts of America and spend almost every weekend in the service of Collin County and area youth.

Customer Care Manager

Chrissy has managed dispatch and customer service operations for almost two decades in a broad variety of trades with the majority of her experience in supporting air-conditioning and heating systems repairs and upgrades.