4 Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer is upon us once again, and that means backyard barbecues, days at the pool, and vacations to tropical destinations. However, warm summer weather also often causes a surge in insect populations, and you may soon find yourself fighting off a variety of pests such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, gnats, roaches, and wasps, all of which are likely to be more active this time of year. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to keep summer pests away from your home including: 

Eliminating Standing Water

If you have been dealing with mosquitoes on your property, an easy way to ward them off is to make sure that you eliminate any standing water. What many people do not realize is that mosquitoes can breed, and thrive, in only a few inches of standing water. This makes it critical that you get rid of any sources of stagnant water on your property such as buckets of water or non-functioning water features. Doing so can go a long way in keeping mosquitoes away.

Keeping The Kitchen Clean

In the hot summer months, insects will often try to find their way into your home for food and shelter. Thusly, if you do not stay on top of keeping your kitchen clean, you may come home to find your counters covered in ants or other insects. You should then try to keep things tidy in the kitchen so that you do not attract pests. Make sure that you clean up dirty dishes as soon as possible, and wipe down countertops regularly so that they do not have crumbs and food debris that may attract ants.

Sealing Windows and Doors

Summer is a great time to do some maintenance around your home, and making sure that your windows and doors seal properly can help to keep pests at bay. Take some time to check your window and door seals for signs of damage and repair them if necessary. Finding any possible entrances pests could use to enter your home and sealing them off can help keep your home insect and rodent-free this summer. As an added bonus, making sure your home is sealed properly can help to reduce your utility bills.

Hiring a Pest Control Service

Don’t let pests put a damper on your summer fun. If you have been having a hard time keeping pests at bay, it may be time to call for professional help. Contact us to learn about the benefits of hiring a professional pest control service.

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